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Atzeni, C. Co Author Listing * 3D optical scanning diagnostics for Leonardo da Vinci's adorazione dei Magi conservation
* Accuracy verification and enhancement in 3D modeling: Application to Donatello's Maddalena
* Analysis of Ground-Based SAR Data With Diverse Temporal Baselines
* Dynamic Monitoring of Bridges Using a High-Speed Coherent Radar
* Fusion of range camera and photogrammetry: A systematic procedure for improving 3-D models metric accuracy
* High-Accuracy 3-D Modeling of Cultural Heritage: The Digitizing of Donatello's Maddalena
* Improvement of metric accuracy of digital 3D models through digital photogrammetry. A case study: Donatello's Maddalena
* Integration of Radar Interferometry and Laser Scanning for Remote Monitoring of an Urban Site Built on a Sliding Slope
* Joint Time-Frequency Analysis for Investigation of Layered Masonry Structures Using Penetrating Radar
* Terrain mapping by ground-based interferometric radar
* Tridimensional Digitizing of Donatello's Maddalena
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