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Atil, I.[Ilkay] Co Author Listing * Benefits And Challenges Of Having An Open And Free Basis Satellite Data Sharing Platform In Turkey: Gezgin, The
* Learning Affordances for Categorizing Objects and Their Properties

Atila, U. Co Author Listing * Correction of Faulty Lines in Muscle Model, To Be Used in 3D Building Network Construction
* Genetic Algorithm-Aided Routing on 3D Dynamic Networks
* ROI Detection and Vessel Segmentation in Retinal Image
* SmartEscape: A Mobile Smart Individual Fire Evacuation System Based on 3D Spatial Model
Includes: Atila, U. Atila, ‹.[‹mit] Atila, U.[Umit]

Atilla, D.C.[Dogu Cagdas] Co Author Listing * Producing secure multimodal biometric descriptors using artificial neural networks

Atillah, A.[Abderrahman] Co Author Listing * Detection of Moroccan coastal upwelling fronts in SST images using the microcanonical multiscale formalism
* Detection of Moroccan coastal upwelling in SST images using the Expectation-Maximization
* On Detectability of Moroccan Coastal Upwelling in Sea Surface Temperature Satellite Images

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