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Arvo, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Analytical Solution for Irradiance Due to Inhomogeneous Lambertian Polygonal Emitters
* Averaged Template Matching Equations

Arvola, L.[Lauri] Co Author Listing * Diurnal Cycle Model of Lake Ice Surface Albedo: A Case Study of Wuliangsuhai Lake

Arvor, D.[Damien] Co Author Listing * Advances in Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis with ontologies: A review of main contributions and limitations from a remote sensing perspective
* Big earth observation time series analysis for monitoring Brazilian agriculture
* Fires Drive Long-Term Environmental Degradation in the Amazon Basin
* Mapping Grassland Frequency Using Decadal MODIS 250 m Time-Series: Towards a National Inventory of Semi-Natural Grasslands
* Monitoring Complex Integrated Crop-Livestock Systems at Regional Scale in Brazil: A Big Earth Observation Data Approach
* Monitoring Rainfall Patterns in the Southern Amazon with PERSIANN-CDR Data: Long-Term Characteristics and Trends
* Monitoring thirty years of small water reservoirs proliferation in the southern Brazilian Amazon with Landsat time series
* Performance of TRMM TMPA 3B42 V7 in Replicating Daily Rainfall and Regional Rainfall Regimes in the Amazon Basin (1998-2013)
* Remote Sensing and Cropping Practices: A Review
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