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Amala Shanthi, S. Co Author Listing * Monozygotic twin face recognition: An in-depth analysis and plausible improvements

Amaldi, E. Co Author Listing * Computing Optical Flow across Multiple Scales: An Adaptive Coarse-to-Fine Strategy
* efficient line detection algorithm based on a new combinational optimization formulation, An
* Fast Line Detection Algorithms Based on Combinatorial Optimization
* new approach for fast line detection based on combinatorial optimization, A
Includes: Amaldi, E. Amaldi, E.[Edoardo]

Amali, S.A.M.J.[Suthanthira Amalraj Miruna Joe] Co Author Listing * Efficient feature subset selection and classification using levy flight-based cuckoo search optimization with parallel support vector machine for the breast cancer data

Amalin, D.[Divina] Co Author Listing * ConCoNet: Class-agnostic counting with positive and negative exemplars
* MACnet: Mask augmented counting network for class-agnostic counting

Amalou, N.[Naima] Co Author Listing * 3D Visual Security (3DVS) score to measure the visual security level of selectively encrypted 3D objects, A

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