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Allman, D. Co Author Listing * In Vivo Demonstration of Photoacoustic Image Guidance and Robotic Visual Servoing for Cardiac Catheter-Based Interventions
* Photoacoustic Source Detection and Reflection Artifact Removal Enabled by Deep Learning

Allman, E. Co Author Listing * Spectral ship surveillance from space

Allman, J.[Josh] Co Author Listing * Video Tampering Detection for Decentralized Video Transcoding Networks

Allman, L. Co Author Listing * DCT coding for motion video storage using adaptive arithmetic coding

Allman, M.C.[Mark C.] Co Author Listing * Integrated Use of 3-D Site Models and ATR in SAR Image Exploitation

Allmen, M.C.[Mark C.] Co Author Listing * email: Allmen, M.C.[Mark C.]: allmen AT ast lmco com
* Computation of Cloud-base Height from Paired Whole-Sky Imaging Cameras, The
* Computing Spatiotemporal Relations for Dynamic Perceptual Organization
* Computing Spatiotemporal Surface Flow
* Cyclic Motion Detection Using Spatiotemporal Surfaces and Curves
* Image Sequence Description Using Spatiotemporal Flow Curves: Toward Motion-Based Recognition
* Long-Range Spatiotemporal Motion Understanding Using Spatiotemporal Flow Curves
* Video scene background maintenance using statistical pixel modeling
* Video segmentation using statistical pixel modeling
Includes: Allmen, M.C.[Mark C.] Allmen, M.C.
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