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Alku, L. Co Author Listing * Identification and Suppression of Nonmeteorological Echoes Using Spectral Polarimetric Processing

Alku, P. Co Author Listing * Conversational Evaluation of Speech Bandwidth Extension Using a Mobile Handset
* End-to-End Pathological Speech Detection Using Wavelet Scattering Network
* Glottal Vocoding With Frequency-Warped Time-Weighted Linear Prediction
* Mixture Linear Prediction in Speaker Verification Under Vocal Effort Mismatch
* Regularized All-Pole Models for Speaker Verification Under Noisy Environments
Includes: Alku, P. Alku, P.[Paavo]

Alkurt, F.O.[Fatih Ozkan] Co Author Listing * Theoretical and experimental sensing of bone healing by microwave approach
Includes: Alkurt, F.O.[Fatih Ozkan] Alkurt, F.÷.[Fatih ÷zkan]

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