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Akyildiz, I.F. Co Author Listing * Correlation-Aware QoS Routing With Differential Coding for Wireless Video Sensor Networks
* Differential Coding-Based Scheduling Framework for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks, A
* Novel communication architectures for wireless multimedia sensor networks
* Spatial Correlation Model for Visual Information in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks, A
* Spatial Correlation-Based Image Compression Framework for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks, A
* Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks: Applications and Testbeds
Includes: Akyildiz, I.F. Akyildiz, I.F.[Ian F.]

Akyildiz, O.D.[Omer Deniz] Co Author Listing * Dictionary filtering: a probabilistic approach to online matrix factorisation
* Primal-dual algorithms for audio decomposition using mixed norms
* Probabilistic Incremental Proximal Gradient Method, A
Includes: Akyildiz, O.D.[Omer Deniz] Akyildiz, ÷.D.[÷mer Deniz] Akyildiz, ÷.D.[÷. Deniz] Akyildiz, ÷.D.

Akyilmaz, O. Co Author Listing * Co-Registration of 3D Point Clouds by Using an Errors-in-Variables Model

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