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Akhaee, M.A. Co Author Listing * Contourlet based image watermarking using optimum detector in the noisy environment
* Contourlet-Based Image Watermarking Using Optimum Detector in a Noisy Environment
* Data Hiding Robust to Mobile Communication Vocoders
* Digital video steganalysis toward spread spectrum data hiding
* Distribution independent blind watermarking
* Fast and Temporal Consistent Video Style Transfer
* Geometric modelling of the wavelet coefficients for image watermarking using optimum detector
* High-Capacity Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Employing Local Difference Predictor, A
* Images steganalysis using GARCH model for feature selection
* joint source-channel coding approach to digital image self-recovery, A
* multiplicative video watermarking robust to H.264/AVC compression standard, A
* One-third probability embedding: a new 1 histogram compensating image least significant bit steganography scheme
* Robust image watermarking using dihedral angle based on maximum-likelihood detector
* Robust Scaling-Based Image Watermarking Using Maximum-Likelihood Decoder With Optimum Strength Factor
* Source-channel coding-based watermarking for self-embedding of JPEG images
* Steganalysis of JPEG images using enhanced neighbouring joint density features
Includes: Akhaee, M.A. Akhaee, M.A.[Mohammad Ali]
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Akhamal, H. Co Author Listing * low power 6-bit current-steering DAC in 0.18- micro-m CMOS process, A

Akhan, E.[Ece] Co Author Listing * Multi-resolution super-pixels and their applications on fluorescent mesenchymal stem cells images using 1-D SIFT merging

Akhan, M.B.[M. Bilgay] Co Author Listing * Moving object detection in wavelet compressed video

Akhavan, A. Co Author Listing * Novel Block Cipher Based on Hierarchy of One-Dimensional Composition Chaotic Maps, A

Akhavan, H.[Hoda] Co Author Listing * ensemble hierarchical clustering algorithm based on merits at cluster and partition levels, An

Akhavan, S.[Saeed] Co Author Listing * Images steganalysis using GARCH model for feature selection

Akhavan, T.[Tara] Co Author Listing * Backward compatible HDR stereo matching: A hybrid tone-mapping-based framework
* new combining learning method for color constancy, A
* Unified Color and Contrast Age-Dependent Visual Content Adaptation, A

Akhavanallaf, A.[Azadeh] Co Author Listing * COLI-Net: Deep learning-assisted fully automated COVID-19 lung and infection pneumonia lesion detection and segmentation from chest computed tomography images

Akhazhanov, A.[Ablaikhan] Co Author Listing * OutfitGAN: Learning Compatible Items for Generative Fashion Outfits

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