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Agbo Ajala, O.[Olatunbosun] Co Author Listing * Face-based Age and Gender Classification Using Deep Learning Model
Includes: Agbo Ajala, O.[Olatunbosun] Agbo-Ajala, O.[Olatunbosun]

Agbogidi, O. Co Author Listing * Aerial Base Stations for Enabling Cellular Communications during Emergency Situation

Agbona, A.[Afolabi] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Root Biomass in Cassava Based on Ground Penetrating Radar Phenomics
* Yield Adjustment Using GPR-Derived Spatial Covariance Structure in Cassava Field: A Preliminary Investigation

Agbossou, K.[Kodjo] Co Author Listing * Attention transfer from human to neural networks for road object detection in winter

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