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Adsuara, J.E.[Jose E.] Co Author Listing * Nonlinear Distribution Regression for Remote Sensing Applications

Adsul, A.P.[Ajay P.] Co Author Listing * Spectral Clustering with Jensen-Type Kernels and Their Multi-point Extensions

Adsumili, B.[Balu] Co Author Listing * Empirical Approach for Optimising the Impact of a Preprocessor in a Transcoding Pipeline, An

Adsumilli, B.[Balu] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Debanding Filter
* Capturing Video Frame Rate Variations via Entropic Differencing
* Comparative Evaluation Of Temporal Pooling Methods For Blind Video Quality Assessment, A
* Compression of User Generated Content Using Denoised References
* CONVIQT: Contrastive Video Quality Estimator
* Image Quality Assessment Using Contrastive Learning
* Image Quality Assessment using Synthetic Images
* Making Video Quality Assessment Models Sensitive to Frame Rate Distortions
* Mutual Noise Estimation Algorithm for Video Denoising
* Predicting the Quality of Compressed Videos With Pre-Existing Distortions
* Rate Distortion Optimization Over Large Scale Video Corpus With Machine Learning
* Revisiting the Efficiency of UGC Video Quality Assessment
* Rich features for perceptual quality assessment of UGC videos
* ST-GREED: Space-Time Generalized Entropic Differences for Frame Rate Dependent Video Quality Prediction
* Subjective Quality Assessment for Youtube UGC Dataset
* Subjective Quality Assessment of User-Generated Content Gaming Videos
* Temporal Statistics Model for UGC Video Quality Prediction, A
* UGC-VQA: Benchmarking Blind Video Quality Assessment for User Generated Content
* Video Quality Assessment of User Generated Content: A Benchmark Study and a New Model
* Visual Distortions in 360 Videos
* When is the Cleaning of Subjective Data Relevant to Train UGC Video Quality Metrics?
Includes: Adsumilli, B.[Balu] Adsumilli, B.
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Adsumilli, C.B. Co Author Listing * Detector Performance Analysis of Watermark-Based Error Concealment in Image Communications
* Error Concealment in Video Communications by Informed Watermarking
* robust error concealment technique using data hiding for image and video transmission over lossy channels, A
Includes: Adsumilli, C.B. Adsumilli, C.B.[Chowdary B.]

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