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Adiga, A.[Aniruddha] Co Author Listing * Controlled blurring for improving image reconstruction quality in flutter-shutter acquisition

Adiga, N.[Nagaraj] Co Author Listing * Creating speaker independent ASR system through prosody modification based data augmentation
* Detection of Glottal Activity Using Different Attributes of Source Information
* Effect of Prosody Modification on Children's ASR
Includes: Adiga, N.[Nagaraj] Adiga, N.

Adiga, P.S.U. Co Author Listing * Automatic Prostate Cancer Grading System Based on 3-D Histo-pathological Images
* efficient method based on watershed and rule-based merging for segmentation of 3-D histo-pathological images, An
* Efficient Tool for Genetic Experiments: Agarose Gel Image Analysis, An
Includes: Adiga, P.S.U. Adiga, P.S.U.[P.S. Umesh]

Adiga, P.U.[P. Umesh] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Volumetric Images of Filamentous Bacteria in Industrial Sludge
* Segmentation of Volumetric Histo-Pathological Images by Surface Following Using Constrained Snakes

Adiga, U. Co Author Listing * High-Throughput Analysis of Multispectral Images of Breast Cancer Tissue

Adiguzel, H.[Hande] Co Author Listing * Hybrid for Line Segmentation in Handwritten Documents, A

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