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Abut, H.[Huseyin] Co Author Listing * Integer Associative Memory for Gray-Scale Images, An
* International Large-Scale Vehicle Corpora for Research on Driver Behavior on the Road
* SOAR: System of associative relations
* stabilization algorithm for multichannel multidimensional linear prediction of imagery, A
Includes: Abut, H.[Huseyin] Abut, H. Abut, H.[Hüseyin]

Abutaleb, A.S.[Ahmed S] Co Author Listing * Automatic Thresholding of Grey-Level Pictures Using Two-Dimensional Entropy
* Genetic Algorithm for the Estimation of Ridges in Fingerprints, A
Includes: Abutaleb, A.S.[Ahmed S] Abutaleb, A.S.

Abutaleb, W.[Wafa] Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of MR depicted carotid arterial boundary based on local priors and constrained global optimisation

Abutalebi, H.R.[Hamid R.] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Hierarchical Matching Algorithms for Face Recognition, A

Abutbul, R.[Ron] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection Requires Better Representations
* Out-of-distribution Detection Without Class Labels

Abuturab, M.R.[Muhammad Rafiq] Co Author Listing * Group multiple-image encoding and watermarking using coupled logistic maps and gyrator wavelet transform

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