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Abugabah, A.[Ahed] Co Author Listing * Smart pansharpening approach using kernel-based image filtering

Abughali, I.K.A.[Ibrahim K. A.] Co Author Listing * Binarizing Change for Fast Trend Similarity Based Clustering of Time Series Data

Abugharbieh, R.[Rafeef] Co Author Listing * 3-D Scalable Medical Image Compression With Optimized Volume of Interest Coding
* 3D scalable lossless compression of medical images based on global and local symmetries
* Automatic Data-Driven Parameterization for Phase-Based Bone Localization in US Using Log-Gabor Filters
* Deconfounding the Effects of Resting State Activity on Task Activation Detection in fMRI
* Generalized group sparse classifiers with application in fMRI brain decoding
* Group MRF for fMRI activation detection
* Group Replicator Dynamics: A Novel Group-Wise Evolutionary Approach for Sparse Brain Network Detection
* Modeling Brain Activation in fMRI Using Group MRF
* Reliability-Driven, Spatially-Adaptive Regularization for Deformable Registration
* Robust Dense Endoscopic Stereo Reconstruction for Minimally Invasive Surgery
* Segmentation-Free Estimation of Kidney Volumes in CT with Dual Regression Forests
* Simultaneous Multi-Structure Segmentation and 3D Nonrigid Pose Estimation in Image-Guided Robotic Surgery
* Stable Overlapping Replicator Dynamics for Brain Community Detection
* Symmetry-Based Scalable Lossless Compression of 3D Medical Image Data
Includes: Abugharbieh, R.[Rafeef] Abugharbieh, R.
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