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Abi Nahed, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Robust Dense Endoscopic Stereo Reconstruction for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Includes: Abi Nahed, J.[Julien] Abi-Nahed, J.[Julien]

Abi Rached, H. Co Author Listing * Acquisition and Visualization of Colored 3D Objects
* Wide-baseline stereo vision for terrain mapping
Includes: Abi Rached, H. Abi-Rached, H. Abi-Rached, H.[Habib]

Abi Rizk, R.[Ralph] Co Author Listing * Non-Stationary Hyperspectral Forward Model and High-Resolution
Includes: Abi Rizk, R.[Ralph] Abi-Rizk, R.[Ralph]

Abi, L.[Lanie] Co Author Listing * Dynamic coordinated control strategy of autonomous vehicles during emergency braking under split friction conditions

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