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8303 * Approximating Point-Set Images by Line Segments Using a Variation of the Hough Transform
* Bounds on (Deterministic) Correlation Functions with Applications to Registration
* Candide's Practical Principles of Experimental Pattern Recognition
* Computational Studies in the Interpretation of Structure and Motion: Summary and Extension
* Consistent-Labeling Problems and their Algorithms: Expected-Complexities and Theory-Based Heuristics
* Design Issues and Architecture of HACIENDA, an Experimental Image Processing System
* Detection of Edges Using Range Information
* Detection of Moving Edges
* Efficient Graph Automorphism by Vertex Partitioning
* Experiments in Combining Intensity and Range Edge Maps
* Fast Algorithms for Estimating Local Image Properties
* Histogram Concavity Analysis as an Aid in Threshold Selection
* Improved Regional Correlation Algorithm for Signature Verification which Permits Small Speed Changes Between Handwriting Segments, An
* Intelligent Tactile Sensor: An On-Line Hierarchical Object and Seam Analyzer, An
* Model-Based Three-Dimensional Interpretations of Two-Dimensional Images
* Multiframe Image Point Matching and 3-D Surface Reconstruction
* New Implementation of the Mellin Transform and its Application to Radar Classification of Ships, A
* Perceptual Color Space of Digital Image Display Terminals
* Perspective on Range Finding Techniques for Computer Vision, A
* Special Issue: Computerized Tomography
* Step Towards Unification of Syntactic and Statistical Pattern Recognition, A
* Three-Dimensional Line Segments
* Topological Correspondence in Line Drawings of Multiple Views of Objects
* Uniform Color Scale Applications to Computer Graphics
* Volumetric Descriptions of Objects from Multiple Views
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