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8011 * Analysis of Two-Dimensional Movement Using Fourier Descriptors
* Combining Motion and Contrast for Segmentation
* Depth from Camera Motion in a Real World Scene
* Determining a Set of B-Spline Control Vertices to Generate an Interpolating Surface
* Determining the Movement of Objects from a Sequence of Images
* Euclidean Distance Mapping
* Exploiting Image Formation Knowledge for Motion Analysis
* Framework for Visual Motion Understanding, A
* Method and apparatus for recording image details of the palm of a hand
* Model-Based Image Analysis of Human Motion Using Constraint Propagation
* Motion Detection and Analysis of Matching Graphs of Intermediate Level Primitives
* Oct-trees and Their Use in Representing Three-Dimensional Objects
* On Monocular Perception of 3-D Moving Objects
* On the Knowledge Required to Label a Picture Graph
* Plan-Guided Analysis of Cineangiograms for Measurement of Dynamic Behavior of Heart Wall, A
* Query by Pictorial Example
* Shape from Contour
* Some Experiments with Mosaic Models for Textures
* Thresholding Using the ISODATA Clustering Algorithm
* Toward a System for the Interpretation of Moving Light Display
* Tracking and Segmentation of Moving Objects in Dynamic Line Images
* Tree and Pyramid Structures for Coding Hexagonally Sampled Binary Images
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