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7710 * Area and Perimeter Measurement of Blobs in Discrete Binary Pictures
* Camera Model for Natural Scene Processing, A
* Clustering Procedure for Syntactic Patterns, A
* Cyclic Order Property of Bodies with Three-Face Vertices, A
* Edge Detection by Compass Gradient Masks
* Edge Detection in Noisy Images Using Recursive Digital Filtering
* Fast Boundary Detection: A Generalization and a New Algorithm
* Fast String Searching Algorithm, A
* Line Drawing Editor: Schematic Diagram Editing Using Pattern Recognition Technique, The
* Line Printer Modification for Better Gray Level Pictures
* New Concepts for Three-Dimensional Shape Analysis
* Optimal Surface Reconstructions from Planar Contours
* Simple Hand/Eye Experimental Set-Up for Computer Vision Research, A
* Study on Picture Feature Extraction and Picture Recognition, A
* Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching
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