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Wildlife17 * *Visual Wildlife Monitoring
* Active Learning for the Classification of Species in Underwater Images from a Fixed Observatory
* Computer Vision Framework for Detecting and Preventing Human-Elephant Collisions, A
* Coral-Segmentation: Training Dense Labeling Models with Sparse Ground Truth
* Deep Census: AUV-Based Scallop Population Monitoring
* Integral Curvature Representation and Matching Algorithms for Identification of Dolphins and Whales
* Towards Automated Recognition of Facial Expressions in Animal Models
* Towards Automated Visual Monitoring of Individual Gorillas in the Wild
* Towards Automatic Wild Animal Detection in Low Quality Camera-Trap Images Using Two-Channeled Perceiving Residual Pyramid Networks
* Visual Localisation and Individual Identification of Holstein Friesian Cattle via Deep Learning
* Visual Tracking of Small Animals in Cluttered Natural Environments Using a Freely Moving Camera
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