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VTIUR20 * *Visual-Textual Image Understanding and Retrieval - Joint Workshop on Content-Based Image Retrieval, Video and Image Question Answering, Texture Analysis, Classification and Retrieval
* Content-based Image Retrieval and the Semantic Gap in the Deep Learning Era
* Developing a Smart PACS: CBIR System Using Deep Learning
* Garment Recommendation with Memory Augmented Neural Networks
* Iconic-based Retrieval of Grocery Images via Siamese Neural Network
* IQ-VQA: Intelligent Visual Question Answering
* Modality Converting Approach for Image Annotation to Overcome the Inconsistent Labels in Training Data, A
* Multi Color Channel vs. Multi Spectral Band Representations for Texture Classification
* Multi-task Learning for Supervised and Unsupervised Classification of Grocery Images
* Recent Advances in Video Question Answering: A Review of Datasets and Methods
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