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VIAAL22 * *Visual Intelligence for Active and Assisted Living
* Adults' Pain Recognition via Facial Expressions Using CNN-Based AU Detection
* Approach for Improving the Older people's Perception of Video-Based Applications in AAL Systems: Initial Study, An
* Case Study of a Low-Cost IoT Device with a Thermal Vision to Monitor Human Stool Behavior in the Home
* Classifying Sport-Related Human Activity from Thermal Vision Sensors Using CNN and LSTM
* From Garment to Skin: The visuAAL Skin Segmentation Dataset
* In-bed Posture and Night Wandering Monitoring Using Force-Sensing Resistors
* MIRATAR: A Virtual Caregiver for Active and Healthy Ageing
* Mobile Food Recognition System for Dietary Assessment, A
* Smart Diet Management Through Food Image and Cooking Recipe Analysis
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