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SSIAI20 * Animal Localization in Camera-Trap Images with Complex Backgrounds
* Automated Detection of Malarial Retinopathy Using Transfer Learning
* Can Lateral Inhibition for Sparse Coding Help Explain V1 Neuronal Responses To Natural Stimuli?
* Combined Detection and Segmentation of Cell Nuclei in Microscopy Images Using Deep Learning
* Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks for Realistic Pervasive Change Generation in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Data-driven Methods for Solving Large-scale Inverse Problems with Applications to Subsurface Imaging
* Deep Learning Classification of Chest X-Ray Images
* Efficient Bitmap-based Indexing and Retrieval of Similarity Search Image Queries
* Exploring feature augmentation as a method for improving panchromatic remote sensing change detection
* Fast and Scalable 2D Convolutions and Cross-correlations for Processing Image Databases and Videos on CPUs
* Feature Augmentation Improves Anomalous Change Detection for Human Activity Identification in Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery
* Forensic Scanner Identification Using Machine Learning
* Identifying forest thinning using anomalous change detection on synthetic aperture radar data
* Importance of the Instantaneous Phase for Face Detection using Simple Convolutional Neural Networks, The
* Improving mosquito population predictions in the Greater Toronto Area using remote sensing imagery
* Kidney segmentation using 3D U-Net localized with Expectation Maximization
* Learning Shapes on Image Sampled Points with Dynamic Graph CNNs
* Machine Learning in a Post Moore's Law World: Quantum vs. Neuromorphic Substrates
* Machine Learning Model for Exploring Aberrant Functional Network Connectivity Transition in Schizophrenia, A
* Neural Network Approach to Automated Classification of Elementary Mathematics Instructional Activities, A
* Nicotine Addiction Decreases Dynamic Connectivity Frequency In Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* On the Detectability of Conflict: A Remote Sensing Study of the Rohingya Conflict
* Optical Quality Control for Adaptive Polishing Processes
* Plant Stem Segmentation Using Fast Ground Truth Generation
* Preliminary Case for Hirschman Transform Video Coding, A
* Shared Representation for Object Tracking and Classification using Siamese Networks, A
* Sparse MP4
* Towards Understanding Speciation By Automated Extraction And Description Of 3d Foraminifera Stacks
* Transient Spectral Peak Analysis Reveals Distinct Temporal Activation Profiles for Different Functional Brain Networks
* Video Tracking to Monitor Turkey Welfare
* Visualization and Detection of Changes in Brain States Using t-SNE
* Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth: Teaching Deep Learning in Image and Video Processing Classes
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