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SPMag( Vol No. ) * *IEEE Signal Processing Magazine

SPMag(13) * Blind Deconvolution via Cumulant Extrema
* Blind Image Deconvolution
* Blind Image Deconvolution Revisited
* Superresolution Array-Processing in SAR

SPMag(14) * Content-Based Indexing and Retrieval of Visual Information
* Digital Image Restoration
* Magnetic-Resonance-Imaging
* Medical Imaging Modalities
* MPEG Digital Audio-Coding and Video-Coding Standards
* MPEG Digital Video Coding Standards: Delivering Picture-Perfect Compression for Storage, Transmission, and Multimedia Applications
* Positron emission tomography
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SPMag(15) * Past, Present, and Future of Image and Multidimensional Signal-Processing, The

SPMag(16) * 3D Structure from 2D Motion
* Correspondence estimation in image pairs
* Encoding and reconstruction of multiview video objects
* Multi-camera systems
* Object-based coding of stereoscopic and 3D image sequences
* Stereoscopic and autostereoscopic display systems

SPMag(17) * Error resilient video coding techniques

SPMag(20) * Super-resolution image reconstruction: a technical overview

SPMag(22) * Digital Color Halftoning

SPMag(24) * Privacy in video surveillance

SPMag(26) * Reproducible research in signal processing

SPMag(27) * 3GPP Mobile Multimedia Streaming Standards
* Bayesian Tracking for Video Analytics
* Calibration challenges for future radio telescopes
* Chameleon-Like Vision System, The
* Compression of Medical Sensor Data
* Crowd Analysis Using Computer Vision Techniques
* Curvelet Transform, The
* Digital Topology in Brain Imaging
* Higher-Order Singular Value Decomposition: Theory and an Application, The
* Image Processing on Multicore x86 Architectures
* Image reconstruction in optical interferometry
* L1-L2 Optimization in Signal and Image Processing
* Machine Learning in Medical Imaging
* MATLAB for Signal Processing on Multiprocessors and Multicores
* Model-Based Image Reconstruction for MRI
* Multicore Image Processing with OpenMP
* Multidimensional image reconstruction in astronomy
* Nonrigid Registration of Medical Images: Theory, Methods, and Applications
* Parallel MRI Using Phased Array Coils
* Perceptual Quality Measurement: Towards a More Efficient Process for Validating Objective Models
* Probing Waveform Synthesis and Receiver Filter Design
* Reconfigurable Video Coding Standard, The
* Robust Visual Behavior Recognition
* Roles of Signal Processing in Medical Imaging, The
* Signal Processing and 3DTV
* State-of-the-art image sensors and signal processing in NASA's space telescopes
* Survey of Medical Image Registration on Multicore and the GPU, A
* Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing with GPGPU
* Synthetic aperture radio telescopes
* TechWare: Speaker and Spoken Language Recognition Resources
* Three-Dimensional Tissue Deformation Recovery and Tracking
* Tomographic Reconstruction in the 21st Century
* Trends In Video Surveillance Give DSP an Apps Boost
* Utilizing Hierarchical Multiprocessing for Medical Image Registration
* Video Analysis in Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera Networks
* Video Analytics for Surveillance: Theory and Practice
* Video Anomaly Identification
* Video Coding on Multicore Graphics Processors
* Wide-Area Motion Imagery
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SPMag(28) * Aesthetics and Emotions in Images
* Applications of Objective Image Quality Assessment Methods
* Assessing Visual Quality of 3-D Polygonal Models
* Audiovisual Quality Components
* Can an Algorithm Recognize Montage Portraits as Human Faces?
* Challenge of Estimating Video Quality in Video Communication Applications, The
* Colorizing a Masterpiece
* Conversation Scene Analysis
* Dimensionality Reduction for Data Visualization
* Distributed and Decentralized Multicamera Tracking
* Distributed Camera Networks
* Distributed Computer Vision Algorithms
* Distributed Image Processing
* Focus on Compressive Sensing
* Free-Viewpoint TV
* Immersive Visual Communication
* Improving Immersive Experiences in Telecommunication with Motion Parallax
* IP-Based Mobile and Fixed Network Audiovisual Media Services
* Mobile Visual Location Recognition
* Mobile Visual Search
* Modeling Social Perception of Faces
* MPEG-M: Multimedia Service Platform Technologies
* Multimedia Quality Assessment
* Multimedia Quality Assessment Standards in ITU-T SG12
* Multimodal Telepresence Systems
* On the Eigenstructure of DFT Matrices
* Parallel Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing
* Quality of Multimedia: Challenges and Trends, The
* Reduced- and No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Reducing FFT Scalloping Loss Errors Without Multiplication
* Telepresence: Virtual Reality in the Real World
* Three-Dimensional Research Adds New Dimensions
* Video is a Cube
* Visual Attention in Quality Assessment
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SPMag(29) * Cell Segmentation: 50 Years Down the Road
* Computational Prediction of Important Regions in Protein Sequences
* Divide-and-Conquer Strategies for Hyperspectral Image Processing: A Review of Their Benefits and Advantages
* Fighting the Curse of Dimensionality: Compressive Sensing in Exploration Seismology
* Fundamental Technologies in Modern Speech Recognition
* Fuzzy Clustering of Seismic Sequences: Segmentation of Time-Frequency Representations
* Geometry of Bandpass Sampling: A Simple and Safe Approach, The
* Graphical Models and Inference on Graphs in Genomics: Challenges of high-throughput data analysis
* Inquiry-Based Learning Through Image Processing
* JPSearch: Metadata Interoperability During Image Exchange
* Large-Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Systems: A Look at Some Recent Advances
* Methodology of the Maximum Likelihood Approach: Estimation, Detection, and Exploration of Seismic Events, The
* Multicomponent Signal Processing for Rayleigh Wave Ellipticity Estimation : Application to Seismic Hazard Assessment
* Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Verification: Improving Test Ban Monitoring with Empirical and Model-Based Signal Processing
* Robust Estimation in Signal Processing: A Tutorial-Style Treatment of Fundamental Concepts
* Seismic Coherency Measures in Case of Interfering Events: A Focus on the Most Promising Candidates of Higher-Resolution Algorithms
* Seismic Migration: A Digital Filtering Process Reducing Oil Exploration Risks
* Select Trends in Image, Video, and Multidimensional Signal Processing
* Source Separation on Seismic Data: Application in a Geophysical Setting
* Spike Sorting: The First Step in Decoding the Brain
* Understanding the Basis of the Kalman Filter Via a Simple and Intuitive Derivation
* Unmanned Drones are Flying High in the Military/Aerospace Sector
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SPMag(30) * Advances in Electroencephalography Signal Processing
* Car Makers See Opportunities in Infotainment, Driver-Assistance Systems
* Emerging Field of Signal Processing on Graphs: Extending High-Dimensional Data Analysis to Networks and Other Irregular Domains, The
* End-To-End Security for Video Distribution: The Combination of Encryption, Watermarking, and Video Adaptation
* Flatten a Curved Space by Kernel
* High Efficiency Video Coding: The Next Frontier in Video Compression
* Kinect Development Kit: A Toolkit for Gesture- and Speech-Based Human-Machine Interaction
* Privacy-Preserving Biometric Identification Using Secure Multiparty Computation: An Overview and Recent Trends
* Researchers Push Speech Recognition Toward the Mainstream
* Secure Biometrics: Concepts, Authentication Architectures, and Challenges
* Secure Watermarking for Multimedia Content Protection: A Review of its Benefits and Open Issues
* Subpixel Rendering: From Font Rendering to Image Subsampling
* Temporal Psychovisual Modulation: A New Paradigm of Information Display
* Tour of Modern Image Filtering: New Insights and Methods, Both Practical and Theoretical, A
* Video Surveillance: Past, Present, and Now the Future
* Visible/Infrared Imaging on the Rise
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SPMag(31) * Accelerating Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Signal Processing Meets Nuclear Spins
* Advanced Digital Signal Processing and Coding for Multi-Tb/s Optical Transport
* Advances in Hyperspectral Image Classification: Earth Monitoring with Statistical Learning Methods
* Audiovisual Speech Source Separation: An overview of key methodologies
* Collaborative Bike Sensing for Automatic Geographic Enrichment: Geoannotation of road/terrain type by multimodal bike sensing
* Contextual Information-Based Multichannel Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry: Addressing DEM reconstruction using contextual information
* Convexity in Source Separation: Models, geometry, and algorithms
* Detection Algorithms in Hyperspectral Imaging Systems: An Overview of Practical Algorithms
* Diversity in Independent Component and Vector Analyses: Identifiability, algorithms, and applications in medical imaging
* Effective Feature Extraction and Data Reduction in Remote Sensing Using Hyperspectral Imaging
* Endmember Variability in Hyperspectral Analysis: Addressing Spectral Variability During Spectral Unmixing
* Exploiting Patch Similarity for SAR Image Processing: The nonlocal paradigm
* From Blind to Guided Audio Source Separation: How models and side information can improve the separation of sound
* Hopping Discrete Fourier Transform, The
* Hyperspectral Target Detection : An Overview of Current and Future Challenges
* Image Inpainting: Overview and Recent Advances
* Joint Matrices Decompositions and Blind Source Separation: A survey of methods, identification, and applications
* Long-Wave Infrared Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Chemical Clouds: A focus on signal processing approaches
* Looking at Machine Vision
* Manifold-Learning-Based Feature Extraction for Classification of Hyperspectral Data: A Review of Advances in Manifold Learning
* Melody Extraction from Polyphonic Music Signals: Approaches, applications, and challenges
* Modeling and Interpretation of Scattering Mechanisms in Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar: Advances and perspectives
* Multipath Exploitation and Suppression for SAR Imaging of Building Interiors: An overview of recent advances
* Nonlinear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images: Models and Algorithms
* Nonnegative Matrix and Tensor Factorizations: An algorithmic perspective
* Optimal Multiuser Transmit Beamforming: A Difficult Problem with a Simple Solution Structure
* Optimization and Estimation of Complex-Valued Signals: Theory and applications in filtering and blind source separation
* Physical Layer Service Integration in Wireless Networks: Signal processing challenges
* Putting Nonnegative Matrix Factorization to the Test: A tutorial derivation of pertinent Cramer-Rao bounds and performance benchmarking
* Recent Advances in Radar Imaging [From the Guest Editors]
* Recent Developments in the Sparse Fourier Transform: A compressed Fourier transform for big data
* Royalty-Free Video Coding Standards in MPEG
* SAR Imaging Algorithms and Some Unconventional Applications: A unified mathematical overview
* Score-Informed Source Separation for Musical Audio Recordings: An overview
* Signal and Image Processing in Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
* Signal Processing Leads a Photographic and Imaging Revolution
* Signal Processing Perspective on Hyperspectral Unmixing: Insights from Remote Sensing, A
* Signal Processing: On the Edge of Astronomy's New Frontier
* Sparse Representation for Brain Signal Processing: A tutorial on methods and applications
* Sparsity and Structure in Hyperspectral Imaging: Sensing, Reconstruction, and Target Detection
* Sparsity-Driven Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging: Reconstruction, autofocusing, moving targets, and compressed sensing
* Static and Dynamic Source Separation Using Nonnegative Factorizations: A unified view
* Superresolving SAR Tomography for Multidimensional Imaging of Urban Areas: Compressive sensing-based TomoSAR inversion
* Teleimmersive Audio-Visual Communication Using Commodity Hardware
* Tensors: A brief introduction
* Time-Reversal Technique for SAR Focusing of Buried Targets: Theoretical improvements and practical limitations, The
* Tomographic Processing of Interferometric SAR Data: Developments, applications, and future research perspectives
* Ultra-High-Definition Television (Rec. ITU-R BT.2020): A Generational Leap in the Evolution of Television
* Wide-Angle Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging: Models and algorithms for anisotropic scattering
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SPMag(32) * 3-D Registration of Biological Images and Models: Registration of microscopic images and its uses in segmentation and annotation
* Accuracy, Apps Advance Speech Recognition
* Acoustic Scene Classification: Classifying environments from the sounds they produce
* Adversarial Biometric Recognition: A review on biometric system security from the adversarial machine-learning perspective
* Ancient Coin Classification Using Reverse Motif Recognition: Image-based classification of Roman Republican coins
* Assisted Listening Using a Headset: Enhancing audio perception in real, augmented, and virtual environments
* Automated Histology Analysis: Opportunities for signal processing
* Automatic Thread-Level Canvas Analysis: A machine-learning approach to analyzing the canvas of paintings
* AVS2: Making Video Coding Smarter
* Biometric Feature-Type Transformation: Making templates compatible for secret protection
* Biometric Template Protection: Bridging the performance gap between theory and practice
* Biometrics Security and Privacy Protection, From the Guest Editors
* Biometrics Systems Under Spoofing Attack: An evaluation methodology and lessons learned
* Brain-Source Imaging: From sparse to tensor models
* Cancelable Biometrics: A review
* Challenges in Content-Based Image Indexing of Cultural Heritage Collections: Support vector machine active learning with applications to text classification
* Compositional Models for Audio Processing: Uncovering the structure of sound mixtures
* Computerized Face Recognition in Renaissance Portrait Art: A quantitative measure for identifying uncertain subjects in ancient portraits
* Cramer-Rao Bound Analog of Bayes' Rule
* Deep Learning for Acoustic Modeling in Parametric Speech Generation: A systematic review of existing techniques and future trends
* Digital Image Processing of The Ghent Altarpiece: Supporting the painting's study and conservation treatment
* Fast, Accurate, and Guaranteed Stable Sliding Discrete Fourier Transform
* High Efficiency Image File Format Standard, The
* Human-Machine Interfacing by Decoding the Surface Electromyogram
* Hunting for Paper Moldmates Among Rembrandt's Prints: Chain-line pattern matching
* Image Analysis: The New Bottleneck in Plant Phenotyping
* Image Processing and Analysis for Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy: Computation for nanoscale imaging
* Impact of EU Privacy Legislation on Biometric System Deployment: Protecting citizens but constraining applications, The
* Iris Biometric Security Challenges and Possible Solutions: For your eyes only? Using the iris as a key
* Multichannel Signal Enhancement Algorithms for Assisted Listening Devices: Exploiting spatial diversity using multiple microphones
* Multimedia Analysis and Access of Ancient Maya Epigraphy: Tools to support scholars on Maya hieroglyphics
* Multiscale Anisotropic Texture Analysis and Classification of Photographic Prints: Art scholarship meets image processing algorithms
* Natural Sound Rendering for Headphones: Integration of signal processing techniques
* New Approach to Precipitation Monitoring: A critical survey of existing technologies and challenges, A
* Objective Quality and Intelligibility Prediction for Users of Assistive Listening Devices: Advantages and limitations of existing tools
* On the Intrinsic Relationship Between the Least Mean Square and Kalman Filters
* Optical and Optoacoustic Model-Based Tomography: Theory and current challenges for deep tissue imaging of optical contrast
* Optimizing Speech Intelligibility in a Noisy Environment: A unified view
* Parametric Spatial Sound Processing: A flexible and efficient solution to sound scene acquisition, modification, and reproduction
* PDE-Based Graph Signal Processing for 3-D Color Point Clouds: Opportunities for cultural herihe arts and found promising.
* Personal Sound Zones: Delivering interface-free audio to multiple listeners
* Phase Processing for Single-Channel Speech Enhancement: History and recent advances
* Phase Retrieval with Application to Optical Imaging: A contemporary overview
* Practical and Useful Tips on Discrete Wavelet Transforms
* Privacy Protection in Biometric-Based Recognition Systems: A marriage between cryptography and signal processing
* Projection-Based Wavelet Denoising
* Quantitative Aspects of Single-Molecule Microscopy: Information-theoretic analysis of single-molecule data
* Quantitative Bioimaging: Signal Processing in Light Microscopy
* Quantitative Canvas Weave Analysis Using 2-D Synchrosqueezed Transforms: Application of time-frequency analysis to art investigation
* Resampling Methods for Particle Filtering: Classification, implementation, and strategies
* Signal Processing Challenges in Quantitative 3-D Cell Morphology: More than meets the eye
* Signal Processing Drives a Medical Sensor Revolution
* Signal Processing Opens New Views on Imaging
* Signal Processing Techniques for Assisted Listening
* Snakes on a Plane: A perfect snap for bioimage analysis
* Sound Coding in Cochlear Implants: From electric pulses to hearing
* Speaker Recognition by Machines and Humans: A tutorial review
* Toward a Morphodynamic Model of the Cell: Signal processing for cell modeling
* Toward Discovery of the Artist's Style: Learning to recognize artists by their artworks
* Video Quality Assessment: Subjective testing of entertainment scenes
* Visual Domain Adaptation: A survey of recent advances
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SPMag(33) * Bayesian Machine Learning: EEG/MEG signal processing measurements
* Capturing Computational Appearance: More than meets the eye
* Combinations of Adaptive Filters: Performance and convergence properties
* Compressive Covariance Sensing: Structure-based compressive sensing beyond sparsity
* Computational Imaging for Cultural Heritage: Recent developments in spectral imaging, 3-D surface measurement, image relighting, and X-ray mapping
* Computational Millimeter Wave Imaging: Problems, progress, and prospects
* Computational Snapshot Multispectral Cameras: Toward dynamic capture of the spectral world
* Continuous User Authentication on Mobile Devices: Recent progress and remaining challenges
* Conversational In-Vehicle Dialog Systems: The past, present, and future
* Coordination of Cooperative Autonomous Vehicles: Toward safer and more efficient road transportation
* Device-Free Radio Vision for Assisted Living: Leveraging wireless channel quality information for human sensing
* Driver Status Monitoring Systems for Smart Vehicles Using Physiological Sensors: A safety enhancement system from automobile manufacturers
* Driver-Behavior Modeling Using On-Road Driving Data: A new application for behavior signal processing
* Efficient Adjoint Computation for Wavelet and Convolution Operators
* Enhanced Compressive Imaging Using Model-Based Acquisition: Smarter sampling by incorporating domain knowledge
* Factored Displays: Improving resolution, dynamic range, color reproduction, and light field characteristics with advanced signal processing
* Gaze-Contingent Computational Displays: Boosting perceptual fidelity
* High-Accuracy Localization for Assisted Living: 5G systems will turn multipath channels from foe to friend
* Improving FIR Filters by Using Cascade Techniques Tips & Tricks
* Indoor Global Positioning System with Centimeter Accuracy Using Wi-Fi
* Inertial Measurement Unit-Based Wearable Computers for Assisted Living Applications: A signal processing perspective
* JPEG XT: A Compression Standard for HDR and WCG Images
* Lensless Imaging: A computational renaissance
* Mapping Brain Anatomical Connectivity Using Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Structural connectivity of the human brain
* Monitoring Activities of Daily Living in Smart Homes: Understanding human behavior
* MPEG Internet Video-Coding Standard, The
* Narrowband Notch Filter Using Feedback Structure Tips & Tricks
* Next-Generation Broadcast Television: ATSC 3.0
* Practical High Dynamic Range Imaging of Everyday Scenes: Photographing the world as we see it with our own eyes
* Principles of Light Field Imaging: Briefly revisiting 25 years of research
* Promise of Hybrid PET/MRI: Technical advances and clinical applications, The
* Race to Improve Radar Imagery: An overview of recent progress in statistical sparsity-based techniques, The
* Radar Signal Processing for Elderly Fall Detection: The future for in-home monitoring
* Recent Advances in Phase Retrieval
* Sensors in Assisted Living: A survey of signal and image processing methods
* Signal Processing at the Heart of a Health-Care Renaissance: As people live longer, new technologies promise better and less costly diagnostic services
* Signal Processing Brings Fresh Capabilities to Digital Imaging: Research is leading to more sophisticated and useful imaging techniques
* Signal Processing for Assisted Living: Developments and Open Problems
* Signal processing for computational photography and displays
* Signal Processing for Smart Vehicle Technologies
* Signal Processing for Time-of-Flight Imaging Sensors: An introduction to inverse problems in computational 3-D imaging
* Smart Driver Monitoring: When Signal Processing Meets Human Factors: In the driver's seat
* Smartphone and Mobile Image Processing for Assisted Living: Health-monitoring apps powered by advanced mobile imaging algorithms
* Survey of Computational Photography in the Small: Creating intelligent cameras for the next wave of miniature devices, A
* Time-Varying Brain Connectivity in fMRI Data: Whole-brain data-driven approaches for capturing and characterizing dynamic states
* Ultrasound Imaging with Microbubbles
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SPMag(34) * Accurate and Stable Sliding DFT Computed by a Modified CIC Filter [Tips amp; Tricks], An
* Advances in Automotive Radar: A framework on computationally efficient high-resolution frequency estimation
* Automotive Radars: A review of signal processing techniques
* Compressive Video Sensing: Algorithms, architectures, and applications
* Computational Depth Sensing: Toward high-performance commodity depth cameras
* Driver Modeling for Detection and Assessment of Driver Distraction: Examples from the UTDrive Test Bed
* DSP Applications in Engine Control and Onboard Diagnostics: Enabling greener automobiles
* Future of Automotive Localization Algorithms: Available, reliable, and scalable localization: Anywhere and anytime, The
* Image Aesthetic Assessment: An experimental survey
* Innovative Sensors Promise Longer and Healthier Lives: Signal processing leads to devices that provide faster and more insightful monitoring and diagnoses
* Intelligent Interactive Displays in Vehicles with Intent Prediction: A Bayesian framework
* New Directions in Navigation and Positioning: Signal processing-enabled technologies pinpoint people, places, and things
* No Need for Speed: More Signal Processing Innovation Is Required Before Adopting Automated Vehicles
* Signal Processing Challenges in Cellular-Assisted Vehicular Communications: Efforts and developments within 3GPP LTE and beyond
* Signal Processing for Smart Vehicle Technologies: Part 2
* Smart Driver Monitoring: When Signal Processing Meets Human Factors: In the driver's seat
* Velocity Estimation in Medical Ultrasound [Life Sciences]
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SPMag(8) * Wavelets and Signal Processing

SPMM08 * *Signal Processing and Multimedia Applications
* Staff Line Detection and Removal with Stable Paths

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