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SoftBio14 * *Soft Biometrics
* Activity-Based Person Identification Using Discriminative Sparse Projections and Orthogonal Ensemble Metric Learning
* Evaluation of Texture Descriptors for Automated Gender Estimation from Fingerprints
* Exploring the Magnitude of Human Sexual Dimorphism in 3D Face Gender Classification
* Facial Age Estimation Through the Fusion of Texture and Local Appearance Descriptors
* Facial Ethnic Appearance Synthesis
* Gender Classification from Iris Images Using Fusion of Uniform Local Binary Patterns
* How Much Information Kinect Facial Depth Data Can Reveal About Identity, Gender and Ethnicity?
* Overview of Research Activities in Facial Age Estimation Using the FG-NET Aging Database, An
* Person Identification in Natural Static Postures Using Kinect
* Privacy of Facial Soft Biometrics: Suppressing Gender But Retaining Identity
* Recognition of Facial Attributes Using Adaptive Sparse Representations of Random Patches
* Towards Predicting Good Users for Biometric Recognition Based on Keystroke Dynamics
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SoftBio17 * *Soft Biometrics
* Automatic Video Annotation System for Archival Sports Video
* Intelligent Building Occupancy Detection System Based on Sparse Auto-Encoder, An
* Online Cost Efficient Customer Recognition System for Retail Analytics
* Phase Field Variational Model with Arctangent Regularization for Saliency Detection, A
* Soft Biometrics in Online Social Networks: A Case Study on Twitter User Gender Recognition
* Variable Exponent P-Laplace Variational Model Preserving Texture for Image Interpolation, A
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Software Engineering * On Syntactic Pattern Recognition

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