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Sketch16 * *Visual Analysis of Sketches
* Face Recognition from Multiple Stylistic Sketches: Scenarios, Datasets, and Evaluation
* Fast Face Sketch Synthesis via KD-Tree Search
* Identifying Emotions Aroused from Paintings
* IIIT-CFW: A Benchmark Database of Cartoon Faces in the Wild
* Instance-Level Coupled Subspace Learning for Fine-Grained Sketch-Based Image Retrieval

SketchDL21 * *Sketch-Oriented Deep Learning
* Compact and Effective Representations for Sketch-based Image Retrieval
* Engineering Sketch Generation for Computer-Aided Design
* Im2Vec: Synthesizing Vector Graphics without Vector Supervision
* On Training Sketch Recognizers for New Domains
* Sketch-QNet: A Quadruplet ConvNet for Color Sketch-based Image Retrieval

SketchDL22 * *Sketch-Oriented Deep Learning
* Constellations: A novel dataset for studying iterative inference in humans and AI
* Leveraging Unlabeled Data for Sketch-based Understanding
* Role of Shape for Domain Generalization on Sparsely-Textured Images, The
* Signature Detection, Restoration, and Verification: A Novel Chinese Document Signature Forgery Detection Benchmark
* SSR-GNNs: Stroke-based Sketch Representation with Graph Neural Networks

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