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SACH06 * *Arabic and Chinese Handwriting Recognition
* Databases and Competitions: Strategies to Improve Arabic Recognition Systems
* Efficient Candidate Set Size Reduction Method for Coarse-Classification in Chinese Handwriting Recognition, An
* Ensemble Methods to Improve the Performance of an English Handwritten Text Line Recognizer
* Handwritten Character Recognition of Popular South Indian Scripts
* Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition: Effects of Shape Normalization and Feature Extraction
* How to Deal with Uncertainty and Variability: Experience and Solutions
* Human Reading Based Strategies for Off-Line Arabic Word Recognition
* Multi-character Field Recognition for Arabic and Chinese Handwriting
* Multi-lingual Offline Handwriting Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models: A Script-Independent Approach
* Recent Results of Online Japanese Handwriting Recognition and Its Applications
* Review on Persian Script and Recognition Techniques, A
* Segmentation-Driven Offline Handwritten Chinese and Arabic Script Recognition
* Techniques for Solving the Large-Scale Classification Problem in Chinese Handwriting Recognition
* Two-Tier Arabic Offline Handwriting Recognition Based on Conditional Joining Rules, A
* Versatile Search of Scanned Arabic Handwriting
* Visual Recognition of Arabic Handwriting: Challenges and New Directions
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