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PDA83 * *Pictorial Data Analysis
* Application of Godel Numbers to Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition, The
* Automation of Pap Smear Analysis: A Review and Status Report
* Computer Vision Systems: Past, Present, and Future
* Diffusion Model to Correct Multi-Spectral Images for the Path-Radiance Atmospheric Effect, A
* Fast In-Place Processing of Pictorial Data
* Linear Approximations of Quantized Thin Lines
* Medical Image Processing
* Neighborhood Operators: An Outlook
* Pattern Recognition of Remotely Sensed Data
* Pictorial Pattern Recognition for Industrial Inspection
* Quadtrees and Pyramids: Hierarchical Representation of Images
* Relational Matching
* Representation and Control in Vision
* Satellite Image Understanding Through Synthetic Images
* Segmentation of Digital Images Using a Priori Information about the Expected Image Contents
* Syntactic-Semantic Approach to Pictorial Pattern Analysis, A
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