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PBVS13 * *Perception Beyond the Visible Spectrum
* Applications of Human Motion Tracking: Smart Lighting Control
* Audio-Visual Feature Fusion for Vehicles Classification in a Surveillance System
* Automated X-Ray Object Recognition Using an Efficient Search Algorithm in Multiple Views
* CASIA NIR-VIS 2.0 Face Database, The
* Comparative Evaluation of Spectral Reflectance Representations for Spectrum Reconstruction, Interpolation and Classification, A
* Fast and Accurate Registration of Visible and Infrared Videos
* Fully Automatic Method to Extract the Heart Rate from Thermal Video, A
* Multi-sensor Fusion Framework in 3-D, A
* Non-invasive Method for Measuring Blood Flow Rate in Superficial Veins from a Single Thermal Image, A
* One-Class Multiple-Look Fusion: A Theoretical Comparison of Different Approaches with Examples from Infrared Video
* Overhead-Based Image and Video Geo-localization Framework
* Shadow Segmentation in SAS and SAR Using Bayesian Elastic Contours
* Tri-modal Person Re-identification with RGB, Depth and Thermal Features
* X-Ray Testing by Computer Vision
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