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MSCSAS07 * *Multimodal Sentient Computing: Sensors, Algorithms, and Systems
* ARL Multi-Modal Sensor: A research tool for target signature collection, algorithm validation, and emplacement studies, The
* Audio-Visual Speech Fusion Using Coupled Hidden Markov Models
* Design and Deployment of Visible-Thermal Biometric Surveillance Systems
* end-to-end eChronicling System for Mobile Human Surveillance, An
* Fusion of Face and Palmprint for Personal Identification Based on Ordinal Features
* Human Identification using Gait and Face
* LDV Sensing and Processing for Remote Hearing in a Multimodal Surveillance System
* Multi-Modal Biometrics Involving the Human Ear
* Multimodal Tracking for Smart Videoconferencing and Video Surveillance
* Multimodal workbench for automatic surveillance applications
* Sensor and Data Systems, Audio-Assisted Cameras and Acoustic Doppler Sensors
* Sensor Fusion and Environmental Modelling for Multimodal Sentient Computing
* Systems issues in distributed multi-modal surveillance
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