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MIG09 * *Motion in Games
* Adaptive Physics-Inspired Facial Animation
* Applying Affect Recognition in Serious Games: The PlayMancer Project
* CA-LOD: Collision Avoidance Level of Detail for Scalable, Controllable Crowds
* Camera Planning in Virtual Environments Using the Corridor Map Method
* Collision Avoidance between Avatars of Real and Virtual Individuals
* Comparative Review of Reactive Behaviour Models as Proposed in Computer Graphics and Cognitive Sciences, A
* Data Based Steering of Virtual Human Using a Velocity-Space Approach
* Data Driven Evaluation of Crowds
* Evolved Controllers for Simulated Locomotion
* Exploiting Motion Capture to Enhance Avoidance Behaviour in Games
* Integrated Analytic and Linearized Inverse Kinematics for Precise Full Body Interactions
* Interactive Modeling, Simulation and Control of Large-Scale Crowds and Traffic
* Light Space Cascaded Shadow Maps for Large Scale Dynamic Environments
* Motion Pattern Encapsulation for Data-Driven Constraint-Based Motion Editing
* Motion Planning and Synthesis of Human-Like Characters in Constrained Environments
* Open Framework for Developing, Evaluating, and Sharing Steering Algorithms, An
* Path Abstraction for Combined Navigation and Animation
* Practical and Scalable Transmission of Segmented Video Sequences to Multiple Players Using H.264
* Predictive Collision Avoidance Model for Pedestrian Simulation, A
* Real-Time Character Control for Wrestling Games
* Semantic Navigation Model for Video Games, A
* Variety Is the Spice of (Virtual) Life
* Velocity-Curvature Space Approach for Walking Motions Analysis, A
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