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MANPU19 * *International Workshop on coMics ANalysis, Processing and Understanding
* CNN-Based Classification of Illustrator Style in Graphic Novels: Which Features Contribute Most?
* Comic Text Detection Using Neural Network Approach
* Estimating Comic Content from the Book Cover Information Using Fine-Tuned VGG Model for Comic Search
* How Good Is Good Enough? Establishing Quality Thresholds for the Automatic Text Analysis of Retro-Digitized Comics
* Multi-task Model for Comic Book Image Analysis
* Structure Analysis on Common Plot in Four-Scene Comic Story Dataset
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MANPU20 * *International Workshop on coMics ANalysis, Processing and Understanding
* Automatic Landmark-guided Face Image Generation for Anime Characters Using C2-GAN
* Manga Vocabulometer, A New Support System for Extensive Reading with Japanese Manga Translated into English
* OCR Pipeline and Semantic Text Analysis for Comics, An
* Text Block Segmentation in Comic Speech Bubbles

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