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LevelSet01 * *Variational and Level Set Methods in Computer Vision
* Affine Invariant Edge Completion with Affine Geodesics
* Automated Segmentation and Structural Analysis of Vascular Trees Using Deformable Models
* Combining Total Variation and Wavelet Packet Approaches for Image Deblurring
* Cortex Segmentation: A Fast Variational Geometric Approach
* Diffusion-Snakes: Combining Statistical Shape Knowledge and Image Information in a Variational Framework
* Fast Surface Reconstruction Using the Level Set Method
* Fiber Tract Mapping from Diffusion Tensor MRI
* Flame Front Matching and Tracking in PLIF Images Using Geodesic Paths and Level Sets
* Image restoration by minimizing objective functions with non-smooth data-fidelity terms
* Level Set Algorithm for minimizing the Mumford-Shah functional in Image Processing, A
* Multiple Contour Finding and Perceptual Grouping using Minimal Paths
* New Variational Image Restoration Applied to 3D Angiographies, A
* On affine Invariance in the Beltrami Framework for Vision
* On smoothness measures of active contours and surfaces
* On the Incorporation of Shape Priors into Geometric Active Contours
* Optimal Mass Transport and Image Registration
* Regularization of ortho-normal vector sets using coupled PDE's
* Self-Referencing Level-Set Method for Image Reconstruction from Sparse Fourier Samples, A
* Stability of image restoration by minimizing regularized objective functions
* summary of Geometric Level-Set Analogues for a General Class of Parametric Active Contour and Surface Models, A
* Total Variation Minimization by the Fast Level Sets Transform
* Variational Approach for the Segmentation of the Left Ventricle in MR Cardiac Images, A
* Variational Approach to Multi-Modal Image Matching, A
* Variational problems and Partial Differential Equations on implicit surfaces: the framework and examples in Image Processing and pattern formation
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LevelSet03 * *Variational, Geometric and Level Set Methods in Computer Vision
* Fast Constrained Surface Extraction by Minimal Paths
* Generalized Voronoi Tesselations for Vector-Valued Image Segmentation
* Geodesic re-meshing and parameterization using front propagation

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