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IndEle( Vol No. ) * *IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics

IndEle(43) * Adaptive Camera Regulation for Investigation of Real Scenes
* Color Edge Detection and Surface Reconstruction Through Regularization
* Optimization of Image-Coding Algorithms and Architectures Using Genetic Algorithms

IndEle(44) * Road traffic sign detection and classification

IndEle(45) * DCT Transform Coding of Stereo Images for Multimedia Applications
* Image/Video Spatial Scalability in Compressed Domain
* Method for Quantization Scale Factor Selection in MPEG2 Video Sequence Encoding Using a Bilayer Fuzzy Expert-System, A

Indoor13 * *Acquisition and Modelling of Indoor and Enclosed Environments
* 3D Model Based Imdoor Navigation System for Hubei Provincial Museum, A
* Accuracy Evaluation of Stereo Vision Aided Inertial Navigation for Indoor Environments
* Automated high resolution 3D reconstruction of cultural heritage using multi-scale sensor systems and semi-global matching
* Dynamic WIFI-Based Indoor Positioning in 3D Virtual World
* Generating Navigation Models from Existing Building Data
* Implicit Surface Modeling from Imprecise Point Clouds
* Improvement in the Geofencing Service Interface Using Indoor Positioning Systems and Mobile Sensors
* Multi-dimensional Indoor Location Information Model
* Pan-information Location Map
* Problems In Indoor Mapping and Modelling
* To localise or to be localised with WiFi in the Hubei museum?
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IndRob( Vol No. ) * *Industrial Robot

IndRob(21) * Eye In Hand Robot Calibration
* Obstacle Avoidance and Path Planning
* Where am I? A Tutorial on Mobile Vehicle Localization

IndRob(22) * Affordable Optical Seam Tracking: Metatorch Systems Break the Price Barrier
* Critical-Look At Robot Vision, A
* Intelligent Vision Systems Are Set to Take-Off
* M(2)Vip: Variety in Mechatronics and Vision
* Vision Of The Future
* Vision System for Robot Guidance and Quality Measurement Systems in Automotive Industry
* Vision-Guided Robot Grows Up: A Look at the New Machine Vision Technology for Robots, The
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IndRob(24) * Vision and Force/Torque Sensing for Calibration of Industrial Robots

Industrial Research Limited * Comparison of Local Surface Geometry Estimation Methods, A

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