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IJGI( Vol No. ) * *ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information

IJGI(1) * Analyzing the Contributor Activity of a Volunteered Geographic Information Project: The Case of OpenStreetMap
* Bottom-Up Approach for Automatically Grouping Sensor Data Layers by their Observed Property, A
* Changes in Vegetation Cover in Reforested Areas in the State of São Paulo, Brazil and the Implication for Landslide Processes
* Detecting Changes in Forest Structure over Time with Bi-Temporal Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
* EASE-Grid 2.0: Incremental but Significant Improvements for Earth-Gridded Data Sets
* Exploring Human Activity Patterns Using Taxicab Static Points
* Exposure Estimation from Multi-Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery for Seismic Risk Assessment
* Geoprocessing Journey-to-Work Data: Delineating Commuting Regions in Dalarna, Sweden
* Modeling Urban Land Cover Growth Dynamics Using Multi-Temporal Satellite Images: A Case Study of Dhaka, Bangladesh
* Prioritizing Areas for Rehabilitation by Monitoring Change in Barangay-Based Vegetation Cover
* Review: An Analysis of Geospatial Technologies for Risk and Natural Disaster Management
* Satellite Image Pansharpening Using a Hybrid Approach for Object-Based Image Analysis
* Spatial Multi-Criteria Model for the Evaluation of Land Redistribution Plans, A
* Spatial Relations Using High Level Concepts
* Towards Automatic Vandalism Detection in OpenStreetMap
* Unified Building Model for 3D Urban GIS, A
* Using Crowdsourced Geodata for Agent-Based Indoor Evacuation Simulations
* Visual Analytics Approach for Extracting Spatio-Temporal Urban Mobility Information from Mobile Network Traffic, A
* Visualization of Lake Mead Surface Area Changes from 1972 to 2009
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IJGI(2) * Alpine Glaciology: An Historical Collaboration between Volunteers and Scientists and the Challenge Presented by an Integrated Approach
* Assessing Completeness and Spatial Error of Features in Volunteered Geographic Information
* Assessing the Geographic Representativity of Farm Accountancy Data
* Collaborative Geospatial Shoreline Inventory Tool to Guide Coastal Development and Habitat Conservation, A
* Comparative Review of North American Tundra Delineations, A
* Comparison of Precise Leveling and Persistent Scatterer SAR Interferometry for Building Subsidence Rate Measurement, A
* Conflation Optimized by Least Squares to Maintain Geographic Shapes
* Drainage Structure Datasets and Effects on LiDAR-Derived Surface Flow Modeling
* Dynamics of Sheep Production in Brazil
* Evaluation of Model Validation Techniques in Land Cover Dynamics
* Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis of Congenital Malformations (CM) in Israel, 2000-006.
* Forecast-Driven Enhancement of Received Signal Strength (RSS)-Based Localization Systems
* From Geoportals to Geographic Knowledge Portals
* Genetic Optimization for Associative Semantic Ranking Models of Satellite Images by Land Cover
* GeoMemories: A Platform for Visualizing Historical, Environmental and Geospatial Changes in the Italian Landscape
* Georeferenced Point Clouds: A Survey of Features and Point Cloud Management
* Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure and Geoprocessing Web: A Review of Commonalities and Differences of E-Science Approaches
* Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure for Urban Economic Analysis and Spatial Decision-Making, A
* HCTNav: A Path Planning Algorithm for Low-Cost Autonomous Robot Navigation in Indoor Environments
* Identifying Land Use/Cover Dynamics in the Koga Catchment, Ethiopia, from Multi-Scale Data, and Implications for Environmental Change
* Improved Neural Network Training Algorithm for Wi-Fi Fingerprinting Positioning, An
* Improving the GIS-DRP Approach by Means of Delineating Runoff Characteristics with New Discharge Relevant Parameters
* Indoor Positioning for Smartphones Using Asynchronous Ultrasound Trilateration
* Integrating Open Access Geospatial Data to Map the Habitat Suitability of the Declining Corn Bunting (Miliaria calandra)
* Low Power 24 GHz ad hoc Networking System Based on TDOA for Indoor Localization
* Mapping Ontario's Wind Turbines: Challenges and Limitations
* Mapping Urban Tree Species Using Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery: Comparing Pixel-Based and Object-Based Approaches
* Measuring Completeness of Building Footprints in OpenStreetMap over Space and Time
* Multi-Source Data Processing Middleware for Land Monitoring within a Web-Based Spatial Data Infrastructure for Siberia
* Multi-Temporal Time-Dependent Terrain Visualization through Localized Spatial Correspondence Parameterization
* New Algorithm for Identifying Possible Epidemic Sources with Application to the German Escherichia coli Outbreak, A
* Optimizing the Use of Secchi Depth as a Proxy for Euphotic Depth in Coastal Waters: An Empirical Study from the Baltic Sea
* Photogrammetric Approach for Assessing Positional Accuracy of OpenStreetMap© Roads, A
* Pioneering GML Deployment for NSDI: Case Study of USTIGER/GML
* Potential Impact of Climate Changes on the Inundation Risk Levels in a Dam Break Scenario
* Pygrass: An Object Oriented Python Application Programming Interface (API) for Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRAS
* Quantifying Landscape-Scale Patterns of Temperate Forests over Time by Means of Neutral Simulation Models
* Rise of Collaborative Mapping: Trends and Future Directions, The
* Self-Contained and Self-Checking LPS with High Accuracy, A
* Semantic Interoperability of Sensor Data with Volunteered Geographic Information: A Unified Model
* Semantics of Web Services: An Examination in GIScience Applications, The
* Simplified Occupancy Grid Indoor Mapping Optimized for Low-Cost Robots
* Spatial Search Techniques for Mobile 3D Queries in Sensor Web Environments
* Spatially Intelligent Public Participation System for the Environmental Impact Assessment Process, A
* Spatially-Explicit Simulation Modeling of Ecological Response to Climate Change: Methodological Considerations in Predicting Shifting Population Dynamics of Infectious Disease Vectors
* Spatio-Temporal Data Construction
* Spatio-Temporal Occurrence Modeling of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Subtype H5N1: A Case Study in the Red River Delta, Vietnam
* Suite of Tools for ROC Analysis of Spatial Models, A
* Towards an Authoritative OpenStreetMap: Conflating OSM and OS OpenData National Maps' Road Network
* Towards Improving Query Performance of Web Feature Services (WFS) for Disaster Response
* User Experience Design in Professional Map-Based Geo-Portals
* Using Geometric Properties to Evaluate Possible Integration of Authoritative and Volunteered Geographic Information
* Using the Hierarchical Pathfinding A* Algorithm in GIS to Find Paths through Rasters with Nonuniform Traversal Cost
* Visual Analysis for Nowcasting of Multidimensional Lightning Data
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IJGI(3) * Assessing the Seasonal Dynamics of the Java's Paddy Field Using MODIS Satellite Images
* Barrier Island Dynamics Using Mass Center Analysis: A New Way to Detect and Track Large-Scale Change
* Developing a GIS-Based Visual-Acoustic 3D Simulation for Wind Farm Assessment
* Geo-Enrichment and Semantic Enhancement of Metadata Sets to Augment Discovery in Geoportals
* Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-Based Approach to Derivative Map Production and Visualizing Bedrock Topography within the Town of Rutland, Vermont, USA, A
* Geospatial Narratives and Their Spatio-Temporal Dynamics: Commonsense Reasoning for High-Level Analyses in Geographic Information Systems
* Habitat Mapping and Change Assessment of Coastal Environments: An Examination of WorldView-2, QuickBird, and IKONOS Satellite Imagery and Airborne LiDAR for Mapping Barrier Island Habitats
* Investigating Forest Disturbance Using Landsat Data in the Nagagamisis Central Plateau, Ontario, Canada
* Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and Multispectral Scanner (MS
* Model for Determining Geographical Distribution of Heat Saving Potentials in Danish Building Stock
* Monitoring Geologic Hazards and Vegetation Recovery in the Wenchuan Earthquake Region Using Aerial Photography
* Operational Web-Based Indicator System for Integrated Coastal Zone Management, An
* Quantification of Deltaic Coastal Zone Change Based on Multi-Temporal High Resolution Earth Observation Techniques
* Spatial Analysis of Biomass Resources within a Socio-Ecologically Heterogeneous Region: Identifying Opportunities for a Mixed Feedstock Stream
* Spatial and Semantic Validation of Secondary Food Source Data
* Spatial Distribution of Greenhouse Commercial Horticulture in Kenya and the Role of Demographic, Infrastructure and Topo-Edaphic Factors
* Using a Spatio-Temporal GIS Database to Monitor the Spatial Evolution of Urban Flooding Phenomena. The Case of Athens Metropolitan Area in Greece
* Utilizing GIS to Examine the Relationship Between State Renewable Portfolio Standards and the Adoption of Renewable Energy Technologies
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