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IJDAR( Vol No. ) * *International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition

IJDAR(1) * Advantage of Using an HMM-based Approach for Faxed Word Recognition, The
* Automatic Reading of Cursive Scripts Using a Reading Model and Perceptual Concepts
* Content based internet access to paper documents
* Cursive word recognition using a random field based hidden Markov model
* Distance features for neural network-based recognition of handwritten characters
* Document Image Similarity and Equivalence Detection
* Experimental Evaluation of OCR Text Representations for Learning Document Classifiers, An
* Filtering and Segmentation of Digitized Land Use Map Images
* Hidden Markov Model approach to on-line handwritten signature verification
* Incorporating Local Consistency Information into the On-line Signature Verification Process
* MAGELLAN: Map Acquisition of Geographic Labels by Legend Analysis
* Matching Document Images with Ground Truth
* Projection Profile Based Skew Estimation
* Recognizing acronyms and their definitions
* Retrospective Document Conversion Application to the Library Domain
* Segmentation-Free Approach to Text Recognition Recognition with Application to Arabic Text, A
* Shape-based word recognition
* Stepwise Recovery of Arc Segmentation in Complex Line Environments
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IJDAR(10) * Biblio: Automatic Meta-Data Extraction
* Corpus-based HIT-MW database for offline recognition of general-purpose Chinese handwritten text
* Fast correction of bleed-through distortion in grayscale documents by a blind source separation technique
* Finding structure in noisy text: Topic classification and unsupervised clustering
* Further explorations in text alignment with handwritten documents
* generalised framework for script identification, A
* Genre as noise: noise in genre
* Investigation and modeling of the structure of texting language
* Mining conversational text for procedures with applications in contact centers
* Multifont size-resilient recognition system for Ethiopic script
* oscillatory neuromotor model of handwriting generation, An
* Prototype learning for structured pattern representation applied to on-line recognition of handwritten Japanese characters
* Robustness through prior knowledge: using explanation-based learning to distinguish handwritten Chinese characters
* Sentence boundary detection in conversational speech transcripts using noisily labeled examples
* Special Issue on Noisy Text Analytics
* survey of document image classification: problem statement, classifier architecture and performance evaluation, A
* Treebanks gone bad: Parser evaluation and retraining using a treebank of ungrammatical sentences
* Unsupervised information extraction from unstructured, ungrammatical data sources on the World Wide Web
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IJDAR(11) * Arabic handwritten digit recognition
* Automatic recognition of handwritten medical forms for search engines
* Document cleanup using page frame detection
* Document image characterization using a multiresolution analysis of the texture: application to old documents
* Improvement of postal mail sorting system
* lossy/lossless compression method for printed typeset bi-level text images based on improved pattern matching, A
* Low quality document image modeling and enhancement
* Matching word images for content-based retrieval from printed document images
* Mobile Retriever: access to digital documents from their physical source
* Multiresolution cooperation makes easier document structure recognition
* Optical recognition of psaltic Byzantine chant notation
* Partial discriminative training for classification of overlapping classes in document analysis
* Recognition and quality assessment of data charts in mixed-mode documents
* Redefining the DCT-based feature for scene text detection: Analysis and comparison of spatial frequency-based features
* Robust reconstruction of low-resolution document images by exploiting repetitive character behaviour
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IJDAR(12) * Automated analysis of images in documents for intelligent document search
* blackboard approach towards integrated Farsi OCR system, A
* blackboard approach towards integrated Farsi OCR system, A
* Devanagari OCR using a recognition driven segmentation framework and stochastic language models
* effective coherence measure to determine topical consistency in user-generated content, An
* Farsi and Arabic document images lossy compression based on the mixed raster content model
* Language independent unsupervised learning of short message service dialect
* Markov models for offline handwriting recognition: a survey
* Non-uniform slant estimation and correction for Farsi/Arabic handwritten words
* On tables of contents and how to recognize them
* Opinion mining from noisy text data
* Optical character recognition errors and their effects on natural language processing
* performance evaluation protocol for symbol spotting systems in terms of recognition and location indices, A
* pseudo-skeletonization algorithm for static handwritten scripts, A
* Special Issue on Noisy Text Analytics, II
* Stroke extraction based on ambiguous zone detection: a preprocessing step to recover dynamic information from handwritten Chinese characters
* Successfully detecting and correcting false friends using channel profiles
* SVM-based hierarchical architectures for handwritten Bangla character recognition
* Using topic models for OCR correction
* Watermark location via back-lighting and recto removal
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IJDAR(13) * Bayesian network for combining descriptors: Application to symbol recognition, A
* Building a multi-modal Arabic corpus (MMAC)
* combination of features for symbol-independent writer identification in old music scores, A
* Combined orientation and skew detection using geometric text-line modeling
* Complex documents images segmentation based on steerable pyramid features
* Distance-based classification of handwritten symbols
* Document image binarization using background estimation and stroke edges
* Generation and use of handwritten CAPTCHAs
* Generation of synthetic documents for performance evaluation of symbol recognition and spotting systems
* Historical document enhancement using LUT classification
* Impact of online handwriting recognition performance on text categorization
* Improving performance of HMM-based off-line signature verification systems through a multi-hypothesis approach
* Individuality of alphabet knowledge in online writer identification
* Locating and parsing bibliographic references in HTML medical articles
* MC-JBIG2: an improved algorithm for Chinese textual image compression
* Multi-font printed Mongolian document recognition system
* Optical Recognition of Music Symbols: A Comparative Study
* Robust Model for On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition, A
* Rotation invariant hand-drawn symbol recognition based on a dynamic time warping model
* Skew detection in document images based on rectangular active contour
* Special issue on document recognition and retrieval 2009
* video text location method based on background classification, A
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IJDAR(14) * Building compact recognizers of handwritten Chinese characters using precision constrained Gaussian model, minimum classification error training and parameter compression
* Character confusion versus focus word-based correction of spelling and OCR variants in corpora
* Classifying the typefaces of the Gutenberg 42-line bible
* Confidence- and margin-based MMI/MPE discriminative training for off-line handwriting recognition
* DIBCO 2009: document image binarization contest
* Digital weight watching: reconstruction of scanned documents
* Domain-specific entity extraction from noisy, unstructured data using ontology-guided search
* Editorial preface: Special issue on ICDAR2009 selected and extended papers
* EMERS: a tree matching-based performance evaluation of mathematical expression recognition systems
* Grammar-based techniques for creating ground-truthed sketch corpora
* Harvesting maps on the web
* ICDAR 2009 Arabic Handwriting Recognition Competition
* ICDAR2009 handwriting segmentation contest
* Learning on the Fly: A Font-Free Approach Toward Multilingual OCR
* Linear-quadratic blind source separating structure for removing show-through in scanned documents
* Metrics for evaluating performance in document analysis: Application to tables
* On-line Arabic handwriting recognition competition: ADAB database and participating systems
* probabilistic approach to printed document understanding, A
* protocol to characterize the descriptive power and the complementarity of shape descriptors, A
* Rejection measurement based on linear discriminant analysis for document recognition
* Report from the AND 2009 working group on noisy text datasets
* Robust named entity detection from optical character recognition output
* SCUT-COUCH2009: A comprehensive online unconstrained Chinese handwriting database and benchmark evaluation
* Setting up a competition framework for the evaluation of structure extraction from OCR-ed books
* Special Issue on Noisy Text Analytics, III
* Special Issue on Performance Evaluation
* Supervised semantic relation mining from linguistically noisy text documents
* Text retrieval from early printed books
* Towards historical document indexing: extraction of drop cap letters
* Towards information retrieval on historical document collections: The role of matching procedures and special lexica
* Unconstrained handwritten document retrieval
* word spotting framework for historical machine-printed documents, A
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IJDAR(15) * Automatic processing of handwritten bank cheque images: a survey
* Automatic writer identification from text line images
* Binarization of degraded document image based on feature space partitioning and classification
* categorization system for handwritten documents, A
* CMATERdb1: A database of unconstrained handwritten Bangla and Bangla-English mixed script document image
* CVC-MUSCIMA: a ground truth of handwritten music score images for writer identification and staff removal
* Error handling approach using characterization and correction steps for handwritten document analysis
* general approach for multi-oriented text line extraction of handwritten documents, A
* Genre identification for office document search and browsing
* Labelling logical structures of document images using a dynamic perceptive neural network
* local evaluation of vectorized documents by means of polygon assignments and matching, A
* local linear level set method for the binarization of degraded historical document images, A
* Multiobjective optimization for classifier ensemble and feature selection: an application to named entity recognition
* new PDE-based approach for singularity-preserving regularization: application to degraded characters restoration, A
* Off-line handwritten signature detection by analysis of evidence accumulation
* Recognition and retrieval of mathematical expressions
* robust probabilistic Braille recognition system, A
* statistical handwriting model for style-preserving and variable character synthesis, A
* Text line extraction in graphical documents using background and foreground information
* Writer verification using texture-based features
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IJDAR(16) * adaptive water flow model for binarization of degraded document images, An
* Bayesian-based method of unconstrained handwritten offline Chinese text line recognition, A
* Clutter noise removal in binary document images
* Comprehensive synthetic Arabic database for on/off-line script recognition research
* Coupled Snakelets for Curled Text-Line Segmentation from Warped Document Images
* Detection of exact and similar partial copies for copyright protection of manga
* Document binarization with automatic parameter tuning
* Document binarization with automatic parameter tuning
* Effective technique for the recognition of offline Arabic handwritten words using hidden Markov models
* evaluation of statistical methods in handwritten hangul recognition, An
* Farsi/Arabic handwritten digit recognition based on ensemble of SVD classifiers and reliable multi-phase PSO combination rule
* Fast self-generation voting for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* general approach for extracting road vector data from raster maps, A
* Handwritten digit segmentation: a comparative study
* Handwritten Text Separation from Annotated Machine Printed Documents Using Markov Random Fields
* IESK-ArDB: a database for handwritten Arabic and an optimized topological segmentation approach
* Image search in patents: a review
* Multi-feature extraction and selection in writer-independent off-line signature verification
* new approach for recognizing handwritten mathematics using relational grammars and fuzzy sets, A
* Nonlinear model identification and see-through cancelation from recto-verso data
* Online Arabic handwriting recognition: a survey
* Online signature verification based on signatures turning angle representation using longest common subsequence matching
* survey on Arabic character segmentation, A
* Text-line examination for document forgery detection
* Visual word density-based nonlinear shape normalization method for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Word shape descriptor-based document image indexing: A new DBH-based approach
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IJDAR(17) * Adaptive binarization of severely degraded and non-uniformly illuminated documents
* benchmark image database of isolated Bangla handwritten compound characters, A
* Discrimination of similar characters using nonlinear normalization based on regional importance measure
* Efficient multiscale Sauvola's binarization
* Efficient skew detection of printed document images based on novel combination of enhanced profiles
* fast and accurate contour-based method for writer-dependent offline handwritten Farsi/Arabic subwords recognition, A
* Feature combination for binary pattern classification
* graph-based approach for segmenting touching lines in historical handwritten documents, A
* Handwriting synthesis: classifications and techniques
* Integrating vocabulary clustering with spatial relations for symbol recognition
* Interactive handwriting recognition with limited user effort
* keyword retrieval system for historical Mongolian document images, A
* Large Scale Document Image Retrieval by Automatic Word Annotation
* Learning confidence transformation for handwritten Chinese text recognition
* Lexicon reduction for printed Farsi subwords using pictorial and textual dictionaries
* Mathematical formula identification and performance evaluation in PDF documents
* model for the gray-intensity distribution of historical handwritten documents and its application for binarization, A
* Multi-class segmentation of free-form online documents with tree conditional random fields
* Multimodal page classification in administrative document image streams
* over-segmentation method for single-touching Chinese handwriting with learning-based filtering, An
* Quality evaluation of degraded document images for binarization result prediction
* Recognizing handwritten Arabic words using grapheme segmentation and recurrent neural networks
* Sparsity-based edge noise removal from bilevel graphical document images
* Statistical segmentation and structural recognition for floor plan interpretation
* Text recognition in multimedia documents: A study of two neural-based OCRs using and avoiding character segmentation
* Texture sparseness for pixel classification of business document images
* Word searching in unconstrained layout using character pair coding
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IJDAR(18) * Automatic diacritization of Arabic text using recurrent neural networks
* character image restoration method for unconstrained handwritten Chinese character recognition, A
* CVC-FP and SGT: a new database for structural floor plan analysis and its groundtruthing tool
* Exploiting colour information for better scene text detection and recognition
* Fast and accurate scene text understanding with image binarization and off-the-shelf OCR
* Handwritten Hangul recognition using deep convolutional neural networks
* Junction-based table detection in camera-captured document images
* new ring radius transform-based thinning method for multi-oriented video characters, A
* Preface: Robust Reading
* Resolution enhancement of textual images via multiple coupled dictionaries and adaptive sparse representation selection
* Restoring camera-captured distorted document images
* Scene text extraction based on edges and support vector regression
* Skew detection and correction based on an axes-parallel bounding box
* Towards the interactive transcription of handwritings: Anytime anywhere document analysis
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IJDAR(2) * architecture for handwritten text recognition systems, An
* Detection and Correction of Recognition Errors in Check Reading
* Diacritical processing for unconstrained online handwriting recognition using a forward search
* Document skew estimation without angle range restriction
* Efficient and flexible text extraction from document pages
* Extracting Curved Text Lines Using Local Linearity of Text Line
* Extraction of Bankcheck Items by Mathematical Morphology
* Finding features used in the human reading of cursive handwriting
* Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition
* Global methods for stroke segmentation
* Handwriting Recognition or Reading? What is the Situation at the Dawn of the 3rd Millennium?
* Integrated Text and Line-Art Extraction from a Topographic Map
* Method for Restoration of Low-Resolution Document Images, A
* Multimedia Document Retrieval Using Speech and Speaker Recognition
* Offline Cursive Script Word Recognition: A Survey
* Recognition of handwritten numerals by Quantum Neural Network with fuzzy features
* Script and Language Identification for Handwritten Document Images
* String Techniques for Detecting Duplicates in Document Databases
* Text Extraction from Colored Book and Journal Covers
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IJDAR(3) * Classification of document pages using structure-based features
* complete system for the analysis of architectural drawings, A
* computer-based system to support forensic studies on handwritten documents, A
* Content-based matching of line-drawing images using the Hough transform
* Criterion Based on Fourier Transform for Segmentation of Connected Digits, A
* Experiments with adaptation strategies for a prototype-based recognition system for isolated handwritten characters
* Extraction of type style-based meta-information from imaged documents
* Industrial bank check processing: the A2iA CheckReaderTM
* Leveraging corporate context within knowledge-based document analysis and understanding
* Mathematical Expression Recognition: A Survey
* Multiple Expert Classification: A New Methodology for Parallel Decision Fusion
* OCRSpell: An Interactive Spelling Correction System for OCR Errors in Text
* Online Handwriting Recognition: The NPen++ Recognizer
* Pitch Based Segmentation and Recognition of Dot-Matrix Text
* RAV (Reparameterized Angle Variations) Algorithm for Online Handwriting Recognition
* Segmentation and recognition of Chinese bank check amounts
* serial combination of connectionist-based classifiers for OCR, A
* Special Issue Preface
* Stop Word Location and Identification for Adaptive Text Recognition
* structural representation for understanding line-drawing images, A
* Symbol and character recognition: application to engineering drawings
* Symbol recognition in documents: a collection of techniques?
* Using local deviations of vectorization to enhance the performance of raster-to-vector conversion systems
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IJDAR(4) * Automatic document classification and indexing in high-volume applications
* Automatic extraction of printed mathematical formulas using fuzzy logic and propagation of context
* Automatic performance evaluation of printed Chinese character recognition systems
* Character pattern extraction from documents with complex backgrounds
* Cross-learning in analytic word recognition without segmentation
* empirical measure of the performance of a document image segmentation algorithm, An
* Evaluating the performance of table processing algorithms
* fast algorithm for skew detection of document images using morphology, A
* generic method of cleaning and enhancing handwritten data from business forms, A
* Identifying facsimile duplicates using radial pixel densities
* Large scale address recognition systems: Truthing, testing, tools, and other evaluation issues
* Maximum mutual information training for an online neural predictive handwritten word recognition system
* noise attribute thresholding method for document image binarization, A
* Partitioning and searching dictionary for correction of optically read Devanagari character strings
* Performance Evaluation of Pattern Classifiers for Handwritten Character Recognition
* Recognising Text in Real Scenes
* Recognition of table of contents for electronic library consulting
* Retrieving Information from Document Images: Problems and Solutions
* Rule-based document structure understanding with a fuzzy combination of layout and textual features
* Software Architecture of PSET: A Page Segmentation Evaluation Toolkit
* Special Issue on Performance Evaluation: Theory, Practice, and Impact
* statistical approach to the generation of a database for evaluating OCR software, A
* Transforming paper documents into XML format with WISDOM++
* unconstrained handwriting recognition system, An
* Using citing information to understand the logical structure of document images
* word extraction algorithm for machine-printed documents using a 3D neighborhood graph model, A
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IJDAR(5) * Adaptive image-smoothing using a coplanar matrix and its application to document image binarization
* Architectures for Detecting and Solving Conflicts: Two-Stage Classification and Support Vector Classifiers
* Attributed point matching for automatic groundtruth generation
* Classification of Arabic script using multiple sources of information: State of the art and perspectives
* Creating word-level language models for large-vocabulary handwriting recognition
* Document understanding for a broad class of documents
* Ensembles of classifiers for handwritten word recognition
* Extraction of special effects caption text events from digital video
* Fast string correction with Levenshtein automata
* Hidden Markov Models combination framework for handwriting recognition, A
* hierarchical representation of form documents for identification and retrieval, A
* IAM-database: an English sentence database for offline handwriting recognition, The
* Iterative model-based binarization algorithm for cheque images
* MLP-SVM combination architecture for offline handwritten digit recognition: Reduction of recognition errors by Support Vector Machines rejection mechanisms, An
* Multiple classifier decision combination strategies for character recognition: A review
* Online image classification using IHDR
* PessimalPrint: a reverse Turing test
* recognition of handwritten numeral strings using a two-stage HMM-based method, The
* Selected papers from the ICDAR'01 conference
* Special issue on multiple classifiers for document analysis applications
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IJDAR(6) * Adaptive classifiers for multisource OCR
* Analysis and recognition of highly degraded printed characters
* Analysis and understanding of multi-class invoices
* Color segmentation for text extraction
* comparison of automatic and manual zoning: An information retrieval prospective, A
* confidence value estimation method for handwritten Kanji character recognition and its application to candidate reduction, A
* Correcting for variable skew in document images
* Efficient Polygon Decomposition into Singular and Regular Regions Via Voronoi Diagrams
* Extraction of newspaper headlines from microfilm for automatic indexing
* fast technique for comparing graph representations with applications to performance evaluation, A
* From data topology to a modular classifier
* Handwriting style classification
* Lexicon-driven HMM decoding for large vocabulary handwriting recognition with multiple character models
* Matching of graphical symbols in line-drawing images using angular signature information
* Methods for adaptive combination of classifiers with application to recognition of handwritten characters
* Multiscale Document Description Using Rectangular Granulometries
* new graph-like classification method applied to ancient handwritten musical symbols, A
* On the combination of abstract-level classifiers
* Problem-adaptable document analysis and understanding for high-volume applications
* Reports of the DAS02 working groups
* Segmentation and recognition of handwritten dates: An HMM-MLP hybrid approach
* state of the art in Japanese online handwriting recognition compared to techniques in western handwriting recognition, The
* Statistical image differences, degradation features, and character distance metrics
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IJDAR(7) * Analysis and interpretation of visual saliency for document functional labeling
* Bayesian Super-Resolution of Text in Video with a Text-Specific Bimodal Prior
* Building cameras for capturing documents
* Camera-based analysis of text and documents: a survey
* Collection of on-line handwritten Japanese character pattern databases and their analyses
* Color reconstruction in digital cameras: Optimization for document images
* Combining shape and physical models for online cursive handwriting synthesis
* corpus for OCR research on mathematical expressions, A
* Digit recognition in a natural scene with skew and slant normalization
* Document analysis by processing JBIG-encoded images
* hybrid opto-electronic method for fast off-line handwritten signature verification, A
* ICDAR 2003 robust reading competitions: Entries, results, and future directions
* Independent component analysis for document restoration
* new representation of shape and its use for high performance in online Arabic character recognition by an associative memory, A
* online composite graphics recognition approach based on matching of spatial relation graphs, An
* Quantitative analysis of mathematical documents
* Rectification and recognition of text in 3-D scenes
* Special issue on camera-based text and document recognition
* survey of table recognition: Models, observations, transformations, and inferences, A
* Toward automatic video-based whiteboard reading
* UvA color document dataset, The
* video-based framework for the analysis of presentations/posters, A
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IJDAR(8) * Automatic accurate broken character restoration for patrimonial documents
* Confidence modeling for handwriting recognition: Algorithms and Applications
* Consensus-based table form recognition of low-quality historical documents
* Design of an end-to-end method to extract information from tables
* Detection and analysis of table of contents based on content association
* DMOS, a generic document recognition method: application to table structure analysis in a general and in a specific way
* Extraction and recognition of geographical features from paper maps
* Feature selection for ensembles applied to handwriting recognition
* Fourier-Mellin registration of line-delineated tabular document images
* Generalization of Frei and Chen's approach to extract the lines and edges of a digital image
* Genetic engineering of hierarchical fuzzy regional representations for handwritten character recognition
* MLP-orthogonal Gaussian mixture model hybrid model for Chinese bank check printed numeral recognition, An
* Object count/area graphs for the evaluation of object detection and segmentation algorithms
* On foreground/background separation in low quality document images
* Retrieving poorly degraded OCR documents
* simple and effective table detection system from document images, A
* Special issue on detection and understanding of tables and forms for document processing applications
* Stable methods for recognizing acronym-expansion pairs: From rule sets to hidden Markov models
* Table form document analysis based on the document structure grammar
* Table-processing paradigms: a research survey
* Towards a theory of tables
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IJDAR(9) * Access by Content to Handwritten Archive Documents: Generic Document Recognition Method and Platform for Annotations
* Automatic analysis and integration of architectural drawings
* Binarization, character extraction, and writer identification of historical Hebrew calligraphy documents
* DEBORA: Digital AccEss to BOoks of the RenAissance
* Digital image analysis to enhance underwritten text in the Archimedes palimpsest
* general framework for the evaluation of symbol recognition methods, A
* Hermite and Gabor transforms for noise reduction and handwriting classification in ancient manuscripts
* Improving the recognition by integrating the combination of descriptors
* interactive example-driven approach to graphics recognition in engineering drawings, An
* Keyword-guided word spotting in historical printed documents using synthetic data and user feedback
* old greek handwritten OCR system based on an efficient segmentation-free approach, An
* online handwritten music symbol recognition system, An
* Special issue on graphics recognition
* Special issue on the analysis of historical documents
* Text line segmentation of historical documents: a survey
* User-configurable OCR enhancement for online natural history archives
* User-driven page layout analysis of historical printed books
* Using colour information to understand censorship cards of film archives
* Word matching using single closed contours for indexing handwritten historical documents
* Word spotting for historical documents
* Word spotting for historical documents
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