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Explain-Bio22 * *Explainable and Interpretable Artificial Intelligence for Biometrics
* Explainability of the Implications of Supervised and Unsupervised Face Image Quality Estimations Through Activation Map Variation Analyses in Face Recognition Models
* Interpretable Deep Learning-Based Forensic Iris Segmentation and Recognition
* Myope Models: Are face presentation attack detection models short-sighted?
* Semantic Network Interpretation
* Skeleton-Based Typing Style Learning For Person Identification
* Supervised Contrastive Learning for Generalizable and Explainable DeepFakes Detection
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Explain-Bio23 * *Explainable and Interpretable Artificial Intelligence for Biometrics
* Explainable Model-Agnostic Similarity and Confidence in Face Verification
* Finger-NestNet: Interpretable Fingerphoto Verification on Smartphone using Deep Nested Residual Network
* Human Saliency-Driven Patch-based Matching for Interpretable Post-Mortem Iris Recognition
* Learning Pairwise Interaction for Generalizable DeepFake Detection
* Principal Component Analysis-Based Approach for Single Morphing Attack Detection, A

ExploreAI02 * Bayesian Inference of Visual Motion Boundaries
* Exploring Artificial Intelligence in the New Millennium

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