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EURASIP * Multimedia Fingerprinting Forensics For Traitor Tracing

EuroCOW14 * *European Calibration and Orientation Workshop
* Accuracy Analysis for Automatic Orientation of a Tumbling Oblique Viewing Sensor System
* Calibrating the new Ultracam Osprey Oblique Aerial Sensor
* Calibration of a Multiple Stereo and RGB-D Camera System for 3D Human Tracking
* Calibration of Panoramic Cameras with Coded Targets and a 3D Calibration Field
* Detection of Critical Camera Configurations for Structure from Motion
* Low Cost Vision Based Personal Mobile Mapping System
* Mapping with MAV: Experimental Study on the Contribution of Absolute and Relative Aerial Position Control
* Metrology of Image Processing in Spectral Reflectance Measurement by UAV
* Multi-GNSS Receiver for Aerospace Navigation and Positioning Applications
* Multi-Scale Matching for the Automatic Location of Control Points in Large Scale Aerial Images Using Terrestrial Scenes
* New Approach for an Incremental Orientation of Micro-UAV Image Sequences, A
* New Reliable Boresight Calibration Method for Mobile Laser Scanning Applications, A
* Oblique Multi-Camera Systems: Orientation and Dense Matching Issues
* Off-the-Shelf Videogrammetry: A Success Story
* One Step Mobile Mapping Laser and Camera Data Orientation and Calibration
* Performance of Large-Format Digital Cameras
* Perigeo Project: Inertial and Imaging Sensors Processing, Integration and Validation on UAV Platforms for Space Navigation, The
* Pose Versus State: Are Sensor Position and Attitude Sufficient for Modern Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing?
* Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Navigation for Unmanned Multi-Sensor Aerial Platforms
* Singular Value Decomposition-Based Robust Cubature Kalman Filter for an Integrated GPS/SINS Navigation System
* UAS Mapping as an alternative for land surveying techniques?
* UAV Photogrammetry to Monitor Dykes: Calibration and Comparison to Terrestrial Lidar
* Verification and Improving Planimetric Accuracy of Airborne Laser Scanning Data with Using Photogrammetric Data
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EuroCOW16 * *European Calibration and Orientation Workshop
* Accuracy Assessment of Direct Georeferencing for Photogrammetric Applications on Small Unmanned Aerial Platforms
* Automatic Orientation and Mosaicking of Archived Aerial Photography Using Structure from Motion
* Autonomous Navigation of Small UAVS Based on Vehicle Dynamic Model
* Calibration and Stability Analysis of the VLP-16 Laser Scanner
* Co-Registration of Terrestrial and UAV-Based Images: Experimental Results
* Exploring the Potential of Aerial Photogrammetry for 3D Modelling of High-Alpine Environments
* Exterior Orientation of Hyperspectral Frame Images Collected with UAV for Forest Applications
* Geometric Calibration and Validation of Ultracam Aerial Sensors
* Introduction of a Photogrammetric Camera System for RPAS with Highly Accurate GNSS/IMU Information for Standardized Workflows
* Leica DMC III Calibration and Geometric Sensor Accuracy
* Low-Level Tie Feature Extraction of Mobile Mapping Data (MLS/Images) and Aerial Imagery
* Need for Reliable Sensor Calibration from the Perspective of a National Mapping Agency
* Odometry and Low-Cost Sensor Fusion in TMM Dataset
* Orientation and Calibration Requirements for Hyperpectral Imaging Using UAVs: A Case Study
* Precision Analysis of Point-and-Scale Photogrammetric Measurements for Corridor Mapping: Preliminary Results
* Role of Tie-Points Distribution in Aerial Photography
* Study of Lever-Arm Effect Using Embedded Photogrammetry and On-Board GPS Receiver on UAV for Metrological Mapping Purpose and Proposal of a Free Ground Measurements Calibration Procedure
* Sub-Camera Calibration of a Penta-Camera
* Towards Efficiency of Oblique Images Orientation
* Trajectory Adjustment of Mobile Laser Scan Data in GPS Denied Environments
* Underwater Calibration of Dome Port Pressure Housings
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Eurographics * Spatio-angular resolution tradeoff in integral photography

EuroGraphics(18) * Creating Architectural Models from Images

EuroGraphics(21) * Automatic Integration of Facade Textures into 3D Building Models with a Projective Geometry Based Line Clustering

EuroMed14 * *Digital Heritage. Progress in Cultural Heritage: Documentation, Preservation, and Protection
* 3D Reconstruction of Saltanat Gate in Dolmabahce Palace
* 3D Technologies for the Integrated Analysis of World Heritage: The Case of UNESCO's Škocjan Caves, Slovenia
* 3D Visualization via Augmented Reality: The Case of the Middle Stoa in the Ancient Agora of Athens
* Accurate and Cost-Efficient 3D Modelling Using Motorized Hexacopter, Helium Balloons and Photo Modelling: A Case Study
* Along the Appian Way. Storytelling and Memory across Time and Space in Mobile Augmented Reality
* Analyzing Taiwanese Indigenous Folk Dances via Labanotation and Comparing Results from Interdisciplinary Studies
* Application of G.I.S on Integrative Management for Cultural Heritage- An Example for Digital Management on Taiwan Kinmen Cultural Heritage, An
* Architectural Historical 4D Documentation of the Old-Segeberg Town House by Photogrammetry, Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Historical Analysis
* Architectural Perspectives Survey
* Assessment of Structural Natural Frequencies and Application in the Calibration of FEM Models and Structural Health Monitoring
* Automatic Enrichments with Controlled Vocabularies in Europeana: Challenges and Consequences
* Automatic Registration of Non-overlapping Laser Scans Based on a Combination of Generated Images from Laser Data and Digital Images in One Bundle
* Between the Fragment and the Atlas: A Device for the Visualization and Documentation of the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris
* Beyond Crude 3D Models: From Point Clouds to Historical Building Information Modeling via NURBS
* Beyond Software. Design Implications for Virtual Libraries and Platforms for Cultural Heritage from Practical Findings
* Bologna Porticoes Project: 3D Reality-Based Models for the Management of a Wide-Spread Architectural Heritage Site
* Bridging Archaeology and GIS: Influencing Factors for a 4D Archaeological GIS
* Capturing the Sporting Heroes of Our Past by Extracting 3D Movements from Legacy Video Content
* Characterisation of Spatial Techniques for Optimised Use in Cultural Heritage Documentation
* Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage: Key Questions in 3D Optical Documentation of Material Culture for Conservation, Study and Preservation
* Combination of 3D Scanning, Modeling and Analyzing Methods around the Castle of Coatfrec Reconstitution
* Content-Based Filtering for Fast 3D Reconstruction from Unstructured Web-Based Image Data
* Cultural Heritage Information Systems State of the Art and Perspectives
* Design Considerations for Implementing an Interactive DigiLog Book
* Design for Knowledge and Restoration
* Digital Archive System with 3D Web Portal Interface
* Digital Morphometric Survey for Documentation, Conservation and Restoration Works: The MUDI Project
* Digital Survey and Material Analysis Strategies for Documenting, Monitoring and Study the Romanesque Churches in Sardinia, Italy
* Digitization Age: Mass Culture Is Quality Culture. Challenges for Cultural Heritage and Society, The
* Distribution of Cultural Content through Exploitation of Cryptographic Algorithms and Hardware Identification
* Documentation and Evaluation of the Positive Contribution of Natural Ventilation in the Rural Vernacular Architecture of Cyprus
* Experimental BIM Applications in Archaeology: A Work-Flow
* From a Model of a City to an Urban Information System: The SIUR 3D of the Castle of Pietrabuona
* From Europeana Cloud to Europeana Research: The Challenges of a Community-Driven Platform Exploiting Europeana Content
* Fuzzy Archives. What Kind of an Object Is the Documental Unit of Oral Archives?
* GAs and Evolutionary Design in Architectural Heritage: The Case of Islamic Architecture
* Geometric Algebra Animation Method for Mobile Augmented Reality Simulations in Digital Heritage Sites, A
* Geospatial Technologies for the Built Heritage Management: Experiences in Sardinia, Italy
* Giving Life to John Calvin the Reformer
* Graph Based Keyword Spotting in Medieval Slavic Documents: A Project Outline
* Heritage Landscape Conservation and Development
* High Speed Dynamic System for Scanning Reflective Surface with Rotating Polarized Filters, A
* Historic Center 3D Metric Documentation Updating by Low Cost Solution: The Lençóis Project
* How Linked Open Data Can Help in Locating Stolen or Looted Cultural Property
* In the Pursuit of Perfect 3D Digitization of Surfaces of Paintings: Geometry and Color Optimization
* Informing Historical Preservation with the Use of Non-destructive Diagnostic Techniques: A Case Study at Ecab, Quintana Roo, Mexico
* Innovation Technologies and Applications for Coastal Archaeological Sites
* Integrated Application of Digital Technologies for Transmitting Values of Cultural Heritage in Remote Mountains
* Integration of Innovative Surveying Technologies for Purposes of 3D Documentation and Valorisation of St. Herakleidios Monastery in Cyprus
* Intelligent Interactive Applications for Museum Visits
* Interactive 3D Visualisation of Architectural Models and Point Clouds Using Low-Cost-Systems
* Keeping the Equilibrium: The Static Aspects of the Restoration Project. The Case Study of the Mother Church of San Cataldo (Sicily)
* LMA-Based Motion Retrieval for Folk Dance Cultural Heritage
* Logboats: A Global Symbolic Content for New Reflections on the Protection of World Heritage in the Future with the Help of Cutting Edge Technology
* M3art: A Database of Models of Canvas Paintings
* Madonna of the Goldfinch by Raphael: Chamera of Perception, The
* MAXICULTURE: Assessing the Impact of EU Projects in the Digital Cultural Heritage Domain
* meSch: Material Encounters with Digital Cultural Heritage
* Microwave Assisted Preparation of Calcium Hydroxide and Barium Hydroxide Nanoparticles and Their Application for Conservation of Cultural Heritage
* Modeling the Past Online: Interactive Visualisation of Uncertainty and Phasing
* More Than a Flight: The Extensive Contributions of UAV Flights to Archaeological Research: The Case Study of Curium Site in Cyprus
* Multilingual Specialist Glossaries in a Framework for Intangible Cultural Heritage
* Non-invasive Materials Analysis Using Portable X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) in the Examination of Two Mural Paintings in the Catacombs of San Giovanni, Syracuse
* Ontology-Driven Processing and Management of Digital Rock Art Objects in IndianaMAS
* Ontology-Driven Visual Browsing of Historical Industrial Archives
* Orthoimage of Asclepieion at the Ancient Messene from UAV Images Applying Dense Image Matching
* Playhist: Play and Learn History. Learning with a Historical Game vs An Interactive Film
* Presenting Cypriot Cultural Heritage in Virtual Reality: A User Evaluation
* Preservation of a Computer-Based Art Installation
* Preservative Approach to Study Encased Archaeological Artefacts
* QRCODE and RFID Integrated Technologies for the Enhancement of Museum Collections
* Quality of Rural Life and Culture: Managing Change through the Identification of Good Practice, Pilot Implementation Projects and Evaluation
* Recovery of Fragile Objects from Underwater Archaeological Excavations: New Materials and Techniques by SASMAP Project
* Research on the GIS as a Communication Platform in the Risk Management of Traditional Settlement
* Restoration of the Dome of St. James's Cathedral in Šibenik
* Semi-automatic Segmentation and Modelling from Point Clouds towards Historical Building Information Modelling
* Semi-supervised Image Meta-filtering in Cultural Heritage Applications
* Shared Solutions to Tackle Restoration Restrictions and Requirements for Cultural Landscape and the Sustainable Conservation of Cultural Heritage
* Study on Spatial Changes within Rukai Indigenous Settlements during the Japanese Colonial Era, A
* Tangible versus Intangible in e-Learning on Cultural Heritage: From Online Learning to On-site Study of Historic Sites
* Using Heritage Risk Maps as an Approach for Estimating the Climate Impact to Cultural Heritage Materials in the Island of Taiwan
* Using ICT in Cultural Heritage, Bless or Mess? Stakeholders' and Practitioners' View through the eCultValue Project
* VernArch Digital Database Project: Documentation and Protection of the Vernacular Architecture of Cyprus, The
* Worthy Outcomes from a System Advancing the Sharing of CH Data and Stakeholders' Relations
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Europe_JAM( Vol No. ) * *European Journal of Applied Mathematics

Europe_JAM(13) * Digital inpainting based on the Mumford-Shah-Euler image model

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