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EPIC19 * *Egocentric Perception, Interaction and Computing
* Analysis of How Driver Experience Affects Eye-Gaze Behavior for Robotic Wheelchair Operation, An
* Applicability of Cycle GANs for Pupil and Eyelid Segmentation, Data Generation and Image Refinement, The
* Assessment of Optical See-Through Head Mounted Display Calibration for Interactive Augmented Reality
* Ego-Semantic Labeling of Scene from Depth Image for Visually Impaired and Blind People
* EgoVQA: An Egocentric Video Question Answering Benchmark Dataset
* EPIC-Tent: An Egocentric Video Dataset for Camping Tent Assembly
* First-Person Camera System to Evaluate Tender Dementia-Care Skill
* Learning Spatiotemporal Attention for Egocentric Action Recognition
* Manipulation-Skill Assessment from Videos with Spatial Attention Network
* Multitask Learning to Improve Egocentric Action Recognition
* Seeing and Hearing Egocentric Actions: How Much Can We Learn?
* Simultaneous Segmentation and Recognition: Towards More Accurate Ego Gesture Recognition
* Weakly-Supervised Degree of Eye-Closeness Estimation
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