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Environmental18 * *Automated Analysis of Marine Video for Environmental Monitoring
* Automated Analysis of Marine Video with Limited Data
* Camera Calibration for Underwater 3D Reconstruction Based on Ray Tracing Using Snell's Law
* Comparison of Deep Learning Methods for Semantic Segmentation of Coral Reef Survey Images, A
* Stingray Detection of Aerial Images Using Augmented Training Images Generated by a Conditional Generative Model

Environmental19 * *Multidisciplinary Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring
* Agroforestry Tree Density Estimation Based On Hemispherical Photos & Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS Image: A Case Study at Cidanau Watershed, Banten-indonesia
* Analysis of Relationship Between Vegetation Distribution and Land Price Using Multitemporal Data
* Assessment of Cloud Cover Characteristics Over Calibration Test Sites Using Modis Cloud Mask Products
* Characteristics of the Degree of Grade in Grade-added Rough Set For Land Cover Classification
* Chlorophyll Estimation of Lake Water and Coastal Water Using Landsat-8 And Sentinel-2a Satellite
* Development of Phenology Based Algorithm for Cropland and Crop Type Mapping With Multitemporal Landsat Image Data - Case Study in The Northwest of Vietnam
* Feasibility of Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Environmental Heavy Metal Monitoring
* Fit-for-purpose Algorithm for Environmental Monitoring Based On Maximum Likelihood, Support Vector Machine and Random Forest, A
* Flooded Area Extraction of Rice Paddy Field in Indonesia Using Sentinel-1 Sar Data
* Ground Penetrating Radar Data Interpretation Using Electromagnetic Field Analysis for Sea Ice Thickness Measurement
* Mapping the Spatial Distribution of Colombia's Forest Aboveground Biomass Using SAR and Optical Data
* Study On Extraction Methodology of Rice Growth Characteristics in Field Using Terrestrial Laser Measurement Data
* Summary of Natural Disaster Responses By the Advanced Land Observing Satellite-2 (ALOS-2)
* Thin Ice Area Extraction in the Seasonal Sea Ice Zones of the Northern Hemisphere Using Asmr2 Data
* Using Remote Sensing Data for Calculating the Coastal Erosion In Southern Thailand
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Environmetrics(5) * Positive matrix factorization: A non-negative factor model with optimal utilization of error estimates of data values

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