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* BER Formulation for the Blind Retrieval of MPEG Video Watermark
* Content Adaptive Watermark Embedding in the Multiwavelet Transform Using a Stochastic Image Model
* Design and Application of DWT-Domain Optimum Decoders, The
* DWT-Based Fragile Watermarking Tolerant of JPEG Compression, A
* Enhanced Watermarking Scheme Based on Removal of Local Means
* Image Normalization Using Invariant Centroid for RST Invariant Digital Image Watermarking
* Image Watermarking Algorithm Robust to Geometric Distortion, An
* Implications for Image Watermarking of Recent Work in Image Analysis and Representation
* Information-Hiding Games
* Informed Embedding for Multi-bit Watermarks
* Multi-user Based Watermarking System with Two-Security-Level Keys, A
* Multistage VQ Based Watermarking Technique with Fake Watermarks, A
* New Blind Watermarking Technique Based on Independent Component Analysis, A
* New Collusion Attack and Its Performance Evaluation, A
* On Watermarking Numeric Sets
* Optimal Detection of Transform Domain Additive Watermark by Using Low Density Diversity
* Robust Local Watermarking on Salient Image Areas
* Spatial Frequency Band Division in Human Visual System Based-Watermarking
* SVD-Based Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Image Authentication, A
* Two-Step Detection Algorithm in a HVS-Based Blind Watermarking of Still Images
* Watermarking Techniques for Electronic Circuit Design
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