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DigArt09 * *eHeritage and Digital Art Preservation
* 3D line drawing for archaeological illustration
* Automatically identifying join candidates in the Cairo Genizah
* Capturing Village-Level Heritages with a Hand-held Camera-Laser Fusion Sensor
* Enhancing color texture quality of 3D models for digital preservation of indigenous ceramic artworks
* Image guided reconstruction of un-sampled data: A coherent filling for uncomplete Cultural Heritage models
* Image-based network rendering system for large sized meshes
* lightness recovery algorithm for the multispectral acquisition of frescoed environments, A
* Method of 3D reconstruction using graph cuts, and its application to preserving intangible cultural heritage
* Prominent field for shape processing of archaeological artifacts
* Retrieving ancient Maya glyphs with Shape Context
* Unsupervised ink type recognition in ancient manuscripts
* Weave pattern modeling of silk-like fabrics from multi-illuminated HDR image analysis
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