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CCD12 * *Computational Cameras and Displays
* Capturing relightable images using computer monitors
* Geometry-corrected light field rendering for creating a holographic stereogram
* kaleidoscopic approach to surround geometry and reflectance acquisition, A
* Light field denoising, light field superresolution and stereo camera based refocussing using a GMM light field patch prior
* Recovering spectral reflectance under commonly available lighting conditions

CCD13 * *Computational Cameras and Displays
* Analysis of Focus Sweep for Improved 2D Motion Invariance, An
* Design of a Chromatic 3D Camera with an End-to-End Performance Model Approach
* Optical Computing System for Fast Non-uniform Image Deblurring
* Physical Avatars in a Projector-Camera Tangible User Interface Enhance Quantitative Simulation Analysis and Engagement
* Practical Non-linear Photometric Projector Compensation
* Projection Based Real-Time Material Appearance Manipulation
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CCD14 * *Computational Cameras and Displays
* Dictionary Learning Based Color Demosaicing for Plenoptic Cameras
* Light Field Scale-Depth Space Transform for Dense Depth Estimation
* Novel HDR Depth Camera for Real-Time 3D 360 deg Panoramic Vision, A
* Projection Center Calibration for a Co-located Projector Camera System
* Separating Texture and Illumination for Single-Shot Structured Light Reconstruction

CCD15 * *Computational Cameras and Displays
* Dense sampling of 3D color transfer functions using HDR photography
* Efficient 3D kernel estimation for non-uniform camera shake removal using perpendicular camera system
* Fast single-frequency time-of-flight range imaging
* Fresnel lens imaging with post-capture image processing
* High Speed Sequential Illumination With Electronic Rolling Shutter Cameras
* Reconstruction-free inference on compressive measurements
* SparkleVision: Seeing the world through random specular microfacets
* Video compressive sensing with on-chip programmable subsampling
* Video stitching with spatial-temporal content-preserving warping
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