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C3MGBD19 * *ISPRS Workshop on Collaborative Crowdsourced Cloud Mapping and Geospatial Big Data
* Analysis of Free Road Data in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya Using Free And Open Source Software
* Design and Implementation of Crowdsourcing Based China's National Public Geospatial Information Collection System
* DSM and DTM for Extracting 3d Building Models: Advantages and Limitations
* Exploring The Potential of Crowd Sourced Data to Map Commuter Points Of Interest: a Case Study of Johannesburg
* Extending Accuracy Assessment Procedures of Global Coverage Land Cover Maps Through Spatial Association Analysis
* Floating Car Data (fcd) for Mobility Applications
* Ground Point Filtering From Airborne Lidar Point Clouds Using Deep Learning: a Preliminary Study
* K-nearest Neighbour Query Performance Analyses On a Large Scale Taxi Dataset: Postgresql Vs. Mongodb
* Method of Urban Road Network Extraction Based On Floating Car Trajectory Data, A
* Monitoring SDG 9 with Global Open Data and Open Software - a Case Study From Rural Tanzania
* Preface - Isprs Workshop On Collaborative Crowdsourced Cloud Mapping And Geospatial Big Data (c3m&gbd 2019)
* Road Network Comparison and Matching Techniques. a Workflow Proposal For The Integration of Traffic Message Channel and Open Source Network Datasets
* Semantic Retrieval System in Remote Sensing Web Platforms, A
* Spatial Database Model for Mobility Management, A
* Towards Establishing An Open Catalogue for Geospatial Educational Resources
* Trajectory Extraction for Analysis of Unsafe Driving Behaviour
* Updating a Road Network Dataset Exploiting The Results of Semantic Segmentation Techniques Applied to Street-level Imagery
* Using and Improving Mapathon Data Through Hackathons
* V-RSIR: A Web-based Tool and Benchmark Dataset for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Volunteer Geographic Information in Africa
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