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Ann. of App. Prob(4) * Optimal Control Formulation and Related Numerical Methods for a Problem in Shape Reconstruction, An

Annales Inst. Fourier(53) * On the Smoothness and Geometry of Boundaries Associated to Skeletal Structures I: Sufficient Conditions for Smoothness

Annals NY Acad. Sci(128) * Analysis of Cell Images, The

Annals of Eugenics(7) * Use of Multiple Measurements in Taxonomic Problems, The

Annals of Eugenics(8) * Statistical Utilization of Multiple Measurements, The

Annals of Math.(62) * On Singularities of Mappings of Euclidean Spaces. I. Mappings of the Plane into the Plane

AnnalsPRS( Vol No. ) * *International Annals of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

AnnalsPRS(I-2) * 3d Geovisualization: Definition and Structures for the Assessment of Usefulness
* Accuracy Analysis of a Low-Cost Platform for Positioning and Navigation
* Analysis of Light Intensity Data by the DMSP/OLS Satellite Image Using Existing Spatial Data for Monitoring Human Activity In Japan
* Brazilian Amazonia Deforestation Detection Using Spatio-temporal Scan Statistics
* CAD Construction Method of 3D Building Models for GIS Analysis
* Comparison Of Multi-scale Digital Elevation Models For Defining Waterways And Catchments Over Large Areas
* Correction Of Faulty Lines In Muscle Model, To Be Used In 3d Building Network Construction
* Data-oriented Algorithm For Route Choice Set Generation In A Metropolitan Area With Mobile Phone GPS Data
* Development of Cadastral Domain Model Oriented At Unified Real Estate Registration of China Based On Ontology, The
* Earth Observation Data Interoperability Arrangement With Ontology Registry
* Evaluating Photogrammetric Approach of Image-Based Positioning
* Evaluation of Elevation, Slope and Stream Network Quality of Spot DEMS
* Experimental Evaluation of LIDAR Data Visualization Schemes
* Facilitating Integrated Spatio-temporal Visualization and Analysis Of Heterogeneous Archaeological and Palaeoenvironmental Research Data
* Fast Matching Approach of Polygon Features, A
* Generalisation of Submarine Features On Nautical Charts
* Geo-visual Analytics Approach To Biological Shepherding: Modelling Animal Movements And Impacts, A
* Integrated Management of Heterogeneous Geodata With A Hybrid 3d Geoinformation System
* Integration Of Genetic Algorithms And Fuzzy Logic For Urban Growth Modeling
* Interactive Tool for Analysis and Optimization of Texture Parameters in Photorealistic Virtual 3D Models, An
* Kinetic Algorithms For Harbour Management
* Landscape Visualisation on the Internet
* Maximum Entropy Model Of The Bearded Capuchin Monkey Habitat Incorporating Topography And Spectral Unmixing Analysis, A
* Modelling Vague Knowledge for Decision Support In Planning Archaeological Prospections
* New Models for Emergency Evacuation under the Disaster Condition, A
* Ontological Standardization for Historical Map Collections: Studying The Greek Borderlines of 1881
* Open Source Geovisual Analytics Toolbox for Multivariate Spatio-Temporal Data in Environmental Change Modelling, An
* Optimization of Land Use Suitability for Agriculture Using Integrated Geospatial Model and Genetic Algorithms
* Pattern Classification Approaches To Matching Building Polygons At Multiple Scales
* Prediction of Individual's Movement Based On Interesting Places
* Real Time Semantic Interoperability in Ad Hoc Networks of Geospatial Data Sources: Challenges, Achievements and Perspectives
* Simultaneous Visualization Of Different Utility Networks For Disaster Management
* Solar Radiation Estimation On Building Roofs And Web-based Solar Cadastre
* Spatial Uncertainty In Line-surface Intersections With Applications To Photogrammetry
* Spatio-temporal Clustering of Movement Data: An Application to Trajectories Generated by Human-Computer Interaction
* Visual And Statistical Analysis Of Digital Elevation Models Generated Using Idw Interpolator With Varying Powers
* Visualisation Support For Exploring Urban Space And Place
* Visualization And Analysis Of Light Pollution: A Case Study In Hong Kong
* VOMR-tree Based Parallel Range Query Method On Distributed Spatial Database, A
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AnnalsPRS(I-3) * 3-D Feature-based Matching by RSTG Approach
* 3D Modeling From Gnomonic Projections
* 3d Modelling and Accuracy Assessment of Granite Quarry Using Unmmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Automated Method For 3d Roof Outline Generation And Regularization In Airbone Laser Scanner Data, An
* Automatic Building Outlining From Multi-view Oblique Images
* Automatic Fusion of Partial Reconstructions
* Automatic Powerline Scene Classification And Reconstruction Using Airborne Lidar Data
* Automatic Reconstruction Of Building Roofs Through Effective Integration Of Lidar And Multispectral Imagery
* Automatic Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Clouds Using Natural Planar Surfaces
* Automatic Roof Outlines Reconstruction from Photogrammetric DSM
* Building Edge Detection Using Small-footprint Airborne Full-waveform Lidar Data
* Building FaÇade Separation In Vertical Aerial Images
* Bundle Adjustment For Multi-camera Systems With Points At Infinity
* Combine Markov Random Fields And Marked Point Processes To Extract Building From Remotely Sensed Images
* Combined Multi-View Matching Algorithm With Long-Strips of Satellite Imagery from Different Orbits
* Comparison of Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry and SFM-MVS Pipeline Applied in Structures and Artificial Surfaces
* Comparitive Study Using Geometric And Vertical Profile Features Derived From Airborne Lidar For Classifying Tree Genera, A
* Complex Event Detection In Pedestrian Groups From Uavs
* Conditional Random Fields For Lidar Point Cloud Classification In Complex Urban Areas
* Context-based Urban Terrain Reconstruction From Images And Videos
* Deformation Detection In Piping Installations Using Profiling Techniques
* Detecting And Correcting Motion Blur from Images Shot with Channel-Dependent Exposure Time
* Detection and Correction of Changes In Exterior and Interior Orientations While Estimating 3-d Object Deformations From Multiple Images With Weak Or Strong Imaging Geometry
* Developing Species Specific Vegetation Maps Using Multi-spectral Hyperspatial Imagery From Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* Diagnostic-Robust Statistical Analysis for Local Surface Fitting In 3d Point Cloud Data
* Efficient and Globally Optimal Multi View Dense Matching for Aerial Images
* Efficient Reconstruction of Large Unordered Image Datasets for High Accuracy Photogrammetric Applications
* Evaluation of Correction Methods of Chromatic Aberration In Digital Camera Images
* Evaluation of Feature Learning Methods for High Resolution Image Classification, An
* Extraction Of Vineyards Out Of Aerial Ortho-image Using Texture Information
* Geometrical Correlation And Matching Of 2d Image Shapes
* Image-based Topography Reconstruction by Minimizing the Reprojection-Error over a Surface
* Implicit Regularization For 3d Building Rooftop Modeling Using Airborne Lidar Data, An
* Implicit Shape Models for Object Detection In 3d Point Clouds
* Improving 3D Lidar Point Cloud Registration Using Optimal Neighborhood Knowledge
* Integration of Video Images and Cad Wireframes for 3d Object Localization
* ISPRS Benchmark On Urban Object Classification And 3d Building Reconstruction, The
* Learning A Compositional Representation For Facade Object Categorization
* Line-based 3d Roof Model Reconstruction Algorithm: Tin-Merging and Reshaping (TMR), A
* Marked Point Process Model For Vehicle Detection In Aerial Lidar Point Clouds, A
* Memory Efficient Semi-Global Matching
* Modified Stochastic Neighbor Embedding For Combining Multiple Features For Remote Sensing Image Classification, A
* Moving Window Segmentation Framework for Point Clouds
* Multiple-Model Based Verification of Road Data
* Network Snakes For Adapting GIS Roads To Height Data Of Different Data Sources: Performance Analysis Using Als Data And Stereo Images
* Novel Object of Interest Extraction Method for Mobile Mapping Systems, A
* Object-based Classification Of Urban Airborne Lidar Point Clouds With Multiple Echoes Using Svm
* Octree-Based SIMD Strategy for ICP Registration and Alignment of 3D Point Clouds
* Off-line Vs. On-line Calibration of A Panoramic-based Mobile Mapping System
* Opals Data Manager: Efficient Data Management for Processing Large Airborne Laser Scanning Projects, The
* Optical Flow For Glacier Motion Estimation
* Optimal Camera Network Design for 3d Modeling of Cultural Heritage
* Orientation and Dense Reconstruction of Unordered Terrestrial And Aerial Wide Baseline Image Sets
* Probabilistic Feature Matching Applied To Primitive Based Registration of TLS Data
* Real-time Camera Guidance for 3d Scene Reconstruction
* Reconstruction of Rectangular Windows In Multi-looking Oblique View ALS Data
* Registration of Laser Scanning Point Clouds and Aerial Images Using Either Artificial Or Natural Tie Features
* Relative Pose Estimation From Airborne Image Sequences
* Semi-automatic Co-registration Of Photogrammetric And Lidar Data Using Buildings
* Semi-supervised Marginal Fisher Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Streamed Vertical Rectangle Detection In Terrestrial Laser Scans For Facade Database Production
* Sub-surface Growing And Boundary Generalization For 3d Building Reconstruction
* Trajectory-based Registration of 3d Lidar Point Clouds Acquired With A Mobile Mapping System
* Trees Detection From Laser Point Clouds Acquired In Dense Urban Areas By A Mobile Mapping System
* Urban Object Extraction From Digital Surface Model And Digital Aerial Images
* Verification Of 3d Building Models Using Mutual Information In Airborne Oblique Images
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AnnalsPRS(I-4) * Aerial Images and Lidar Data Fusion for Disaster Change Detection
* Application of Digital Line Graphs and Map in the Network Environment, The
* Augmenting 3d City Model Components By Geodata Joins To Facilitate Ad-hoc Geometric-topologically Sound Integration
* Automated Matching Crowdsourcing Road Networks Using Probabilistic Relaxation
* Automated Modeling Of 3d Building Roofs Using Image And Lidar Data
* Automated Mounting Bias Calibration For Airborne Lidar System
* Automating The Photogrammetric Workflow In A National Mapping Agency
* Building An Integrated Web-based Environment for Exploratory Spatiotemporal Data Analysis
* Challenge Of Automated Change Detection: Developing A Method For The Updating Of Land Parcels, The
* Characterising Upland Swamps Using Object-based Classification Methods And Hyper-spatial Resolution Imagery Derived From An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Class of Regression-cum-ratio Estimators In Two-phase Sampling For Utilizing Information From High Resolution Satellite Data, A
* Comparison Of Accuracies of the RPC Models: Homo- And Hetero-type Stereo Pairs Of Geoeye And Worldview Images, A
* Concepts, Models and Implementation of The Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure in Germany (MDI-DE)
* Data Acquisition Strategies For Aster Global DEM Generation
* Database Organisation In A Web-enabled Free And Open-source Software (FOSS) Environment For Spatio-temporal Landslide Modelling
* DEM Registration Based on Mutual Information
* Dense Corresponding Pixel Matching Using A Fixed Window with RGB Independent Information
* Developing and Testing a 3D Cadastral Data Model a Case Study in Australia
* Development of A Metadata Management System for An Interdisciplinary Research Project
* Dsm Extraction And Evaluation From Geoeye-1 Stereo Imagery
* Entities and Features for Classifcation of Airborne Laser Scanning Data In Urban Area
* Evaluation Of Area-based Image Matching Applied To DTM Generation With Hirise Images
* Evaluation of Aster GDEM Ver2 Using GPS Measurements and SRTM Ver4.1 in China
* Evaluative Review of Simulated Dynamic Smart 3d Objects, An
* Exploring the Application of Volunteered Geographic Information to Catchment Management: A Survey Approach
* Extraction of Spatial Parameters From Classified Lidar Data and Aerial Photograph for Sound Modeling
* Feature Positioning On Google Street View Panoramas
* Field Ground Truthing Data Collector: A Mobile Toolkit For Image Analysis And Processing
* Gap Filling In Road Extraction Using Radon Transformation
* Geometrical Adjustment Towards The Alignment of Vector Databases
* Geospatial Web Services Composition Framework Supporting Real-time Status Monitoring, A
* Graph-based Urban Land Use Mapping From High Resolution Satellite Images
* Integrated Web-based 3d Modeling And Visualization Platform To Support Sustainable Cities, An
* Jigsaw: The Isis3 Bundle Adjustment For Extraterrestrial Photogrammetry
* Medium-format Cameras and Their Use In Topographic Mapping
* Method For True Orthophoto Generation Based On Projection And Iteration Strategy, A
* Microsoft Global Ortho Program, The
* Mono-temporal GIS Update Assistance System Based on Unsupervised Coherence Analysis and Evolutionary Optimisation
* Object-based Image Analysis Of Worldview-2 Satellite Data For The Classification Of Mangrove Areas In The City Of SÃo LuÍs, MaranhÃo State, Brazil
* Online Maps and Cloud-Supported Location-Based Services Across a Manifold of Devices
* Qtrajectories: Improving the Quality of Object Tracking Using Self-Organizing Camera Networks
* Rapid Change Detection Algorithm For Disaster Management
* Results of an Evaluation of the Orchestration Capabilities of the Zoo Project and the 52° North Framework for an Intelligent Geoportal
* Structure-based Approach For Matching Road Junctions With Different Coordinate Systems, A
* Study Of Urban Intensive Land Evaluating System, A
* Surface Complexity Component of LIDAR Point Cloud Error Characterization
* Three-dimensional Maps For Disaster Management
* Towards Thematic Web Services For Generic Data Visualization And Analysis
* Use Of Lidar And Volunteered Geographic Information To Map Flood Extents And Inundation, The
* Use Of Satellite Imagery To Guide Field Plot Sampling Scheme For Biomass Estimation In Ghanaian Forest, The
* Validation Study on Alos Prism DSM Mosaic and Aster GDEM 2
* Valorisation Of Como Historical Cadastral Maps Through Modern Web Geoservices
* Variometric Tests for Accelerometer Sensors
* Virtual Cultural Landscape Laboratory Based on Internet GIS Technology
* Web-based Delivery System For Disaster Prevention Informationan Using A New Jma Dpi Xml Format And Amedas Data
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AnnalsPRS(I-7) * Adaboost-based Feature Relevance Assessment in Fusing LIDAR and Image Data for Classification of Trees and Vehicles in Urban Scenes
* Adaptive Multi-objective Sub-pixel Mapping Framework Based On Memetic Algorithm for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Analysis of Multitemporal and Multisensor Remote Sensing Data for Crop Rotation Mapping
* Analyzing the Shape Characteristics of Land Use Classes in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Application of MODIS Data to Assess the Latest Forest Cover Changes of Sri Lanka
* Assessing Hyperspectral Vegetation Indices for Estimating Leaf Chlorophyll Concentration of Summer Barley
* Automatic Refinement of Training Data for Classification of Satellite Imagery
* Automatic Registration of Multi-source Data Using Mutual Information
* Capabilities of Remote Sensing Hyperspectral Images for The Detection Of Lead Contamination: A Review
* Change Detection in Land-Use and Land-Cover Dynamics at a Regional Scale from Modis Time-Series Imagery
* Change Detection Method for Remote Sensing Image Based On Multi-feature Differencing Kernel SVM, A
* Characterising Vegetated Surfaces Using Modis Multiangular Satellite Data
* Classification Algorithm for Hyperspectral Data Based On Synergetics Theory, A
* Combining Local Features And Progressive Support Vector Machine For Urban Change Detection of VHR Images
* Comparative Performance Analysis Of A Hyper-temporal NDVI Analysis Approach and a Landscape-Ecological Mapping Approach
* Comparison of the Spectral Properties Of Pansharpened Images Generated from AVNIR-2 and Prism Onboard Alos
* Context Models for CRF-Based Classification of Multitemporal Remote Sensing Data
* Detection and Quantification of Morphological Changes Using Multi-resolution Terrestrial Laser Scans
* Development of A Model To Correct Multi-view Angle Above Water Measurements for The Analysis of The Bidirectional Reflectance of Coral And Other Reef Substrates
* Edge Feature Matching of Remote Sensing Images Via Parameter Decomposition of Affine Transformation Model
* Evaluation Of Aster Images For Characterization And Mapping Of Amethyst Mining Residues
* Evaluation of Filters for Envisat ASAR Speckle Suppression in Pasture Area
* Fast Mean-shift Based Classification Of Very High Resolution Images: Application To Forest Cover Mapping
* Feasibility to Detect Signs of Potential CO2 Leakage with Multi-Temporal Spot Satellite Vegetation Imagery in Otway, Victoria
* Fusion Of Active And Passive Microwave Observations To Create An Essential Climate Variable Data Record On Soil Moisture
* Hierarchical Classification of Polarimetric SAR Image Based on Statistical Region Merging
* High Resolution Deformation Time Series Estimation For Distributed Scatterers Using Terrasar-x Data
* Hyperspectral Analysis Of Rice Phenological Stages In Northeast China
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising With Cubic Total Variation Model
* Hyperspectral Reflectance Signatures and Point Clouds for Precision Agriculture by light Weight UAV Imaging System
* Identifying Standing Dead Trees In Forest Areas Based On 3d Single Tree Detection From Full Waveform Lidar Data
* Impact Of Different Topographic Corrections On Prediction Accuracy Of Foliage Projective Cover (FPC) in a Topographically Complex Terrain
* Improved High Frequency Modulating Fusion Method Based On Modulation Transfer Function Filters, An
* Improving Markov Random Field Based Super Resolution Mapping Through Fuzzy Parameter Integration
* Influence Of Spectral Wavelength On The Quality Of Pansharpened Image Simulated Using Hyperspectral Data, The
* Land Cover Change Knowledge Representation Using Temporal Logic And Operation Relations
* Low Backscattering Targets Classification In Urban Areas, The
* Measuring The Particulate Backscattering Of Inland Waters: A Comparison Of Techniques
* Model Of Wheat Yield Forecast Based On Modis-ndvi: A Case Study Of Xinxiang, The
* Novel Approach To Super Resolution Mapping of Multispectral Imagery Based On Pixel Swapping Technique, A
* Object-level Change Detection Based On High-resolution Remote-sensing Images and Its Application in Japanese Earthquake on March 11, 2011
* Optimizing Object-based Classification In Urban Environments Using Very High Resolution Geoeye-1 Imagery
* Orientation Based Building Outline Extraction In Aerial Images
* Parallel Implementation Framework For Remotely Sensed Image Fusion, A
* Proposed Framework To Unmix Scattering Mechanisms of Polarimetric Radar Images Using Very High Resolution Optical Images, A
* Radar Backscatter And Optical Textural Indices Fusion For Pine Plantation Structure Mapping
* Radiometric Calibration Of Multi-wavelength Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* Research on Image Translation Between SAR and Optical Imagery
* Retrieving Forest Structure Variables From Very High Resolution Satellite Images Using An Automatic Method
* Sea Surface Altimetry Based On Airborne GNSS Signal Measurements
* Seasonal Trends In Tibetan Lake Level Changes As Observed By Icesat Laser Altimetry
* Shape Similarity Based Change Detection Approach of Multi-resolution Remote Sensing Images, A
* Soil Spectral Imaging: Moving From Proximal Sensing To Spatial Quantitative Domain
* Soybean Crop Area Estimation And Mapping In Mato Grosso State, Brazil
* Spectral Information Retrieval For Sub-pixel Building Edge Detection
* Super-resolution of Hyperspectral Images Using Compressive Sensing Based Approach
* Superpixel-based Unsupervised Change Detection Using Multi-dimensional Change Vector Analysis and Svm-based Classification
* Terrasar-x Insar Processing In Northern Bohemian Coal Basin Using Corner Reflectors (preliminary Results)
* Ultrashort-baseline Persistent Scatterer Radar Interferometry For Subsidence Detection
* Validation of DEMS Derived from High Resolution SAR Data: A Case Study on Barcelona
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AnnNeuro( Vol No. ) * *Annual Review of Neuroscience

AnnNeuro(24) * Natural Image statistics and neural representation

AnnPsych( Vol No. ) * *Annual Review of Psychology

AnnPsych(20) * Facial expressions of emotion

AnnTele( Vol No. ) * *Annals of Telecommunications

AnnTele(62) * Robust Facial Landmarking for Registration

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