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ACV88 * *Advances in Computer Vision
* Image Flow Theory: A Framework for 3-D Inference from Time-Varying Imagery
* Robust Computations of Intrinsic Images from Multiple Cues
* Scaling and Fingerprint Theorems for Zero-Crossings
* Use of the Facet Model and the Topographic Primal Sketch in Image Analysis, The
* VISIONS Image-Understanding System, The

ACV97 * *Advances in Computer Vision
* Semidiscrete Nonlinear Scale-Space Theory and Its Relation to the Perona-Malik Paradox, A

ACVA10 * *Applications of Computer Vision in Archaeology
* Classification of archaeological ceramic fragments using texture and color descriptors
* complete, automatic procedure for pottery documentation and analysis, A
* Estimating Gothic facade architecture from imagery
* HINDSITE: A user-interactive framework for fragment assembly
* integrated image and sketching environment for archaeological sites, An
* Photometric stereo using graph cut and M-estimation for a virtual tumulus in the presence of highlights and shadows
* REVEAL intermediate report
* Robust one-shot 3D scanning using loopy belief propagation
* Teleimmersive 3D collaborative environment for cyberarchaeology
* Virtual reconstruction of archaeological vessels using convex hulls of surface markings
* Virtual reconstruction of archaeological vessels using expert priors and surface markings
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ACVHL10 * *Advancing Computer Vision with Humans in the Loop
* benefits and challenges of collecting richer object annotations, The
* Hands by hand: Crowd-sourced motion tracking for gesture annotation
* HPU, The
* Indoor-outdoor classification with human accuracies: Image or edge gist?
* Interactive semantic camera coverage determination using 3D floorplans
* Online crowdsourcing: Rating annotators and obtaining cost-effective labels
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ACVIP * *Advances in Computer Vision and Image Processing: Volume 1, Image Reconstruction from Incomplete Observations
* *Advances in Computer Vision and Image Processing: Volume 2, Image Enhancement and Restoration
* *Advances in Computer Vision and Image Processing: Volume 3, Time-Varying Imagery Analysis
* Motion Analysis of Deformable Objects
* Parts of Perception

ACVR13 * *International Workshop on Assistive Computer Vision and Robotics
* Fast and Precise HOG-Adaboost Based Visual Support System Capable to Recognize Pedestrian and Estimate Their Distance, A
* Mobile Visual Assistive Apps: Benchmarks of Vision Algorithm Performance
* Natural User Interfaces in Volume Visualisation Using Microsoft Kinect
* Robust Hand Pose Estimation Algorithm for Hand Rehabilitation, A
* Scene Perception and Recognition for Human-Robot Co-operation
* Tracking Posture and Head Movements of Impaired People During Interactions with Robots
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