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4DPose18 * 3D Pose Estimation for Fine-Grained Object Categories
* Camera Tracking for SLAM in Deformable Maps
* Category-Level 6D Object Pose Recovery in Depth Images
* Convolutional Networks for Object Category and 3D Pose Estimation from 2D Images
* Image-to-Voxel Model Translation with Conditional Adversarial Networks
* Occlusion Resistant Object Rotation Regression from Point Cloud Segments
* On Pre-trained Image Features and Synthetic Images for Deep Learning
* Plane-Based Humanoid Robot Navigation and Object Model Construction for Grasping
* RPNet: An End-to-End Network for Relative Camera Pose Estimation
* Seamless Color Mapping for 3D Reconstruction with Consumer-Grade Scanning Devices
* Summary of the 4th International Workshop on Recovering 6D Object Pose, A
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