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Zweng, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Histogram-Based Similarity Functions for Different Color Spaces
* High Performance Implementation of License Plate Recognition in Image Sequences
* Improved Relational Feature Model for People Detection Using Histogram Similarity Functions
* Introducing a Inter-frame Relational Feature Model for Pedestrian Detection
* Introducing a Statistical Behavior Model into Camera-Based Fall Detection
* Introducing Confidence Maps to Increase the Performance of Person Detectors
* Performance evaluation of an improved relational feature model for pedestrian detection
* Reliable intruder detection using combined modalities of intensity, thermal infrared and stereo depth
* Unexpected Human Behavior Recognition in Image Sequences Using Multiple Features
Includes: Zweng, A.[Andreas] Zweng, A.
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Zwenzner, H.[Hendrik] Co Author Listing * Potential and Challenges of Harmonizing 40 Years of AVHRR Data: The TIMELINE Experience

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