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Zoric, S. Co Author Listing * Urbanisation Impact on Creation of Heat Islands in Large Cities
Includes: Zoric, S. Zoric, .

Zorin, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * ABC: A Big CAD Model Dataset for Geometric Deep Learning
* CAD-deform: Deformable Fitting of CAD Models to 3D Scans
* Deep Geometric Prior for Surface Reconstruction
* Deep Vectorization of Technical Drawings
* Making DensePose fast and light
* Neural Fields as Learnable Kernels for 3D Reconstruction
* Neural Splines: Fitting 3D Surfaces with Infinitely-Wide Neural Networks
* Perceptual Deep Depth Super-Resolution
* Surface Networks
* Towards Part-Based Understanding of RGB-D Scans
Includes: Zorin, D.[Denis] Zorin, D.
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Zorin, M. Co Author Listing * Deep Neural Networks Improve Radiologists' Performance in Breast Cancer Screening

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