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Ziarani, M.R.[Maryam Ramezani] Co Author Listing * Model for the Relationship between Rainfall, GNSS-Derived Integrated Water Vapour, and CAPE in the Eastern Central Andes, A

Ziaratban, M.[Majid] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Script-Independent Block-Based Text Line Extraction, An
* Adaptive Script-Independent Text Line Extraction
* Character representation and recognition using quad tree-based fractal encoding scheme
* FHT: An Unconstraint Farsi Handwritten Text Database
* Morphological-Based License Plate Location, A
* Non-uniform slant estimation and correction for Farsi/Arabic handwritten words
* novel two-stage algorithm for baseline estimation and correction in Farsi and Arabic handwritten text line, A
* Recognition of isolated handwritten Farsi/Arabic alphanumeric using fractal codes
* Skin lesion segmentation based on mask RCNN, Multi Atrous Full-CNN, and a geodesic method
* Structural decomposition and statistical description of Farsi/Arabic handwritten numeric characters
* Use of Legal Amount to Confirm or Correct the Courtesy Amount on Farsi Bank Checks
Includes: Ziaratban, M.[Majid] Ziaratban, M.
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Ziarko, W.[Wojciech] Co Author Listing * Rough sets
* Rough Sets: Probabilistic Versus Deterministic Approach
* Variable Precision Rough Set Model
Includes: Ziarko, W.[Wojciech] Ziarko, W.

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