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Yi, Z.[Zhang] Co Author Listing * adaptive rank-sparsity K-SVD algorithm for image sequence denoising, An
* Automated Analysis for Retinopathy of Prematurity by Deep Neural Networks
* Binary Fingerprint Image Thinning Using Template-Based PCNNs
* Cell tracking using deep neural networks with multi-task learning
* Class of Manifold Regularized Multiplicative Update Algorithms for Image Clustering, A
* Collaborative neighbor representation based classification using L_2-minimization approach
* Contextual Noise Reduction for Domain Adaptive Near-Duplicate Retrieval on Merchandize Images
* Correspondence Transfer for the Registration of Multimodal Images
* Deep Neural Networks With Region-Based Pooling Structures for Mammographic Image Classification
* Double Gaussian mixture model for image segmentation with spatial relationships
* DualGAN: Unsupervised Dual Learning for Image-to-Image Translation
* Dynamic and Self-Adaptive Network Selection Method for Multimode Communications in Heterogeneous Vehicular Telematics, A
* Energy Aware Driving: Optimal Electric Vehicle Speed Profiles for Sustainability in Transportation
* Fingerprint orientation field estimation using ridge projection
* Fractional-Order Variational Framework for Retinex: Fractional-Order Partial Differential Equation-Based Formulation for Multi-Scale Nonlocal Contrast Enhancement with Texture Preserving, A
* Learning locality-constrained collaborative representation for robust face recognition
* Nonrigid registration combining global and local statistics
* Novel Deep Learning-Based Collaborative Filtering Model for Recommendation System, A
* Optimal Stochastic Eco-Routing Solutions for Electric Vehicles
* Scalable Sparse Subspace Clustering
* SDICP: Semi-Dense Tracking based on Iterative Closest Points
* Sparse representation for face recognition by discriminative low-rank matrix recovery
* Special issue on weakly supervised learning
* study of pavement roughness measurement system based on laser ranger finder, A
* Traffic congestion identification based on image processing
* Trajectory Predictor by Using Recurrent Neural Networks in Visual Tracking
* Variable Exponent P-Laplace Variational Model Preserving Texture for Image Interpolation, A
Includes: Yi, Z.[Zhang] Yi, Z. Yi, Z.[Zhao] Yi, Z.[Zili] Yi, Z.[Zhou] Yi, Z.[Zhen] Yi, Z.[Zhan]
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Yi, Z.F.[Zhuang Fang] Co Author Listing * Accounting for Training Data Error in Machine Learning Applied to Earth Observations
Includes: Yi, Z.F.[Zhuang Fang] Yi, Z.F.[Zhuang-Fang]

Yi, Z.L.[Zi Li] Co Author Listing * Artistic stylization of face photos based on a single exemplar
* Blind quality assessment of gamut-mapped images via local and global statistical analysis
* Efficient Algorithm for Feature-Based 3D Point Cloud Correspondence Search, An
* Global-Matching Framework for Multi-View Stereopsis, A
* Towards a blind image quality evaluator using multi-scale second-order statistics
Includes: Yi, Z.L.[Zi Li] Yi, Z.L.[Zi-Li]

Yi, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiang] Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis of M-ary Signals for MIMO MRC Systems with Imperfect Channel Estimation
Includes: Yi, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiang] Yi, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qiang]

Yi, Z.Y.[Zhen Yan] Co Author Listing * Continuous Daily Evapotranspiration Estimation at the Field-Scale over Heterogeneous Agricultural Areas by Fusing ASTER and MODIS Data
* Modelling the driving behaviour at a signalised intersection with the information of remaining green time
Includes: Yi, Z.Y.[Zhen Yan] Yi, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yan] Yi, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yan]

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