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Yi, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive code embedding for reversible data hiding in encrypted images
* Adaptive two-stage FEC scheme for scalable video transmission over wireless networks
* Capturing human activity by a curve
* Changes in Mountain Glaciers, Lake Levels, and Snow Coverage in the Tianshan Monitored by GRACE, ICESat, Altimetry, and MODIS
* Combination of Sharing Matrix and Image Encryption for Lossless (k,n)-Secret Image Sharing
* Deep convolutional neural networks for automatic segmentation of left ventricle cavity from cardiac magnetic resonance images
* Deep Group-Shuffling Random Walk for Person Re-identification
* Depth-Projection-Map-Based Bag of Contour Fragments for Robust Hand Gesture Recognition
* Distributed Video Decoding on Hadoop
* Dual Pursuit for Subspace Learning
* EcoNAS: Finding Proxies for Economical Neural Architecture Search
* Edge detection and processing using shearlets
* End-to-End Deep Kronecker-Product Matching for Person Re-identification
* Error Propagation in Machine Vision
* Fine Grain Adaptive FEC (FGA-FEC) Over Wireless Networks
* Header Error Protection for Multimedia Data Transmission in WLANS
* HMS-Net: Hierarchical Multi-Scale Sparsity-Invariant Network for Sparse Depth Completion
* Human Activity as a Manifold-Valued Random Process
* Human Activity Modeling as Brownian Motion on Shape Manifold
* Human Activity Modeling On Shape Manifold
* HydraPlus-Net: Attentive Deep Features for Pedestrian Analysis
* Improvement of Kittler and Illingworth's Minimum Error Thresholding
* invertible dimension reduction of curves on a manifold, A
* Joint of locality- and globality-preserving projections
* Learning Deep Neural Networks for Vehicle Re-ID with Visual-spatio-Temporal Path Proposals
* Learning Monocular Depth by Distilling Cross-Domain Stereo Networks
* L_0 Regularized Stationary Time Estimation for Crowd Group Analysis
* L_0 Regularized Stationary-Time Estimation for Crowd Analysis
* Method for 3D City Building Continuous Transformation Based on an Improved LOD Topological Data Structure
* Modeling Trees for Virtual Singapore: From Data Acquisition To Citygml Models
* Multi-cue Structure Preserving MRF for Unconstrained Video Segmentation
* Multiscale salient region-based visual tracking
* Orientation Invariant Feature Embedding and Spatial Temporal Regularization for Vehicle Re-identification
* Pedestrian Behavior Modeling From Stationary Crowds With Applications to Intelligent Surveillance
* Pedestrian Behavior Understanding and Prediction with Deep Neural Networks
* Pedestrian Travel Time Estimation in Crowded Scenes
* Person Re-identification with Deep Similarity-Guided Graph Neural Network
* Pose Invariant Activity Classification for Multi-Floor Indoor Localization
* Real-Time and Energy-Efficient Face Detection on CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Embedded Platforms
* Research of Full-Wave Acoustic Logging Signal Processing, The
* Reversible data hiding in encrypted images using adaptive block-level prediction-error expansion
* Robust Object Tracking via Key Patch Sparse Representation
* Separable and Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Using Parametric Binary Tree Labeling
* Shearlet Approach to Edge Analysis and Detection, A
* Sparse Granger causality graphs for human action classification
* Spatio-temporal Context Modeling for BoW-Based Video Classification
* Spindle Net: Person Re-identification with Human Body Region Guided Feature Decomposition and Fusion
* Subspace Learning of Dynamics on a Shape Manifold: A Generative Modeling Approach
* Understanding pedestrian behaviors from stationary crowd groups
* Unified Sparse Subspace Learning via Self-Contained Regression
* Video Person Re-identification with Competitive Snippet-Similarity Aggregation and Co-attentive Snippet Embedding
* Visual Importance and Distortion Guided Deep Image Quality Assessment Framework
Includes: Yi, S. Yi, S.[Su] Yi, S.[Sheng] Yi, S.[Shuang] Yi, S.[Saehanseul] Yi, S.[Seungku] Yi, S.[Shuangyan] Yi, S.[Shuai] Yi, S.[Shengjie] Yi, S.[Saehoon] Yi, S.[Sihua] Yi, S.[Song]
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Yi, S.A.[Shu Ai] Co Author Listing * Eliminating Background-bias for Robust Person Re-identification
Includes: Yi, S.A.[Shu Ai] Yi, S.A.[Shu-Ai]

Yi, S.H.[Shu Hua] Co Author Listing * Diverse Responses of Vegetation Phenology to Climate Change in Different Grasslands in Inner Mongolia during 2000-2016
* Dynamics of Land Use and Land Cover Changes in An Arid Piedmont Plain in the Middle Reaches of the Kaxgar River Basin, Xinjiang, China
* Estimation of Grassland Canopy Height and Aboveground Biomass at the Quadrat Scale Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Evaluation of the Accuracy of the Field Quadrat Survey of Alpine Grassland Fractional Vegetation Cover Based on the Satellite Remote Sensing Pixel Scale
* Reading comprehension by content-related audiovisual feedback in children's story application (app)
Includes: Yi, S.H.[Shu Hua] Yi, S.H.[Shu-Hua] Yi, S.H.[Soon-Hyung]

Yi, S.K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Sensor and Light Source Positioning for Machine Vision
* Optimal Sensor and Light-Source Positioning for Machine Vision

Yi, S.Y.[Soo Yeong] Co Author Listing * Catadioptric Imaging System with a Hybrid Hyperbolic Reflector for Vehicle Around-View Monitoring
* Joint sparse principal component analysis
* Moving Parallax Barrier Design for Eye-Tracking Autostereoscopic Displays
* Novel Omnidirectional Stereo Vision System with a Single Camera, A
* Omnidirectional Stereo Vision System Using a Single Camera, An
* Simultaneous Dual-Views Reconstruction with Adaptive Dictionary and Low-Rank Representation
Includes: Yi, S.Y.[Soo Yeong] Yi, S.Y.[Soo-Yeong] Yi, S.Y.[Shuang-Yan] Yi, S.Y.[Sang-Yi]

Yi, S.Z.[Shan Zhen] Co Author Listing * Pattern Matching for Heterogeneous Geodata Sources Using Attributed Relational Graph and Probabilistic Relaxation
Includes: Yi, S.Z.[Shan Zhen] Yi, S.Z.[Shan-Zhen]

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